May. 6th, 2012

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[ profile] jdbracknell put this together for her excellent 100 things challenge. (Which now has its own comm! [ profile] 100things_index.) I plan on getting on with my 100 Ideas That I Had project just as soon as I scrape together two or more brain cells to have an idea. In the meantime, I could use a new "About Me/Intro" entry, so here we go! A questions meme-type thingy:

Call Me Ishmael... )

That's the end of JD's questions. Since this is going to be my new About Me post, I just thought I'd throw in a quick summary of me: I am 30 years old. I am a bisexual lady-type person. I am an atheist. I am politically and socially very liberal. I like to cook, and garden, and knit, and craft--I LOVE music, and making things myself, and farmer's markets, and libraries, and Doctor Who, and Haribo gummy bears. I value honesty and respect. It doesn't bother me if you are very religious, or you are politically more conservative, or whatever. Everyone and anyone is allowed to disagree with me openly, but please keep in mind: my journal is a place for friends. If you find my ideas and opinions to be so wrong or so offensive that you cannot discuss them with me politely and respectfully, then you won't want to be my friend. That is fine! Anyone should feel free to friend or de-friend me as it suits you. (If you do friend me and want me to friend you back, please do say hello: on one of my public entries or in a PM. I like to know who my friends are!)

Anyway. Old friends and new, do you have any questions? Is there something I left out?
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