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I've finished my art assignment that's due tonight, so I'm now I can out and play tonight! My friend Katra is having a bonfire at her place, and I'm going to help her make apple streudel. Mmmm.

Last night a friend and I went to see Roseanne Cash (daughter of the late Johnny) perform. If you think you don't like country music, then I suggest giving this lady a try! This is what real country sounds like, not that ridiculous "she thinks my tractor's sexy" BS they pollute the airwaves with.

Afterwards we met up with one of her friends to go out dancing at a club where The Bang (a local DJ) was performing. I've heard a lot of good things about The Bang, but this was my first live experience. Awesome time! Joy Division, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A., The Clash, Weezer? FUCK YEAH!

The place was packed and everyone kind of collided and jostled and wriggled in a big sweaty mass which alternated between fun and irritating. The theme for the evening was "back to school" so there were lots of cute boys in nerd glasses and sexy girls in short plaid skirts. I didn't know about the theme beforehand so I was in leggings, a striped shirt, and cowboy boots. Whatev.

Fai's friend (Nina) who we met up with called and asked if she could borrow one of Fai's rulers to use as a "costume" for the night. Fai is in landscape architecture, so she had this heavy duty three-sided drafting ruler.

All I can say is: BITCH WAS CRAZY! I knew she was going to be trouble right off the bat when she started dancing with this obviously creepy guy who had been hovering around us for five minutes, and then shooting me a "help me" look when she didn't want to dance with him anymore. Ugh, please! We are grown-ass women: if you don't want to dance with a guy, you deal with it! I am protective of my friends to an insane degree, and as a friend of a friend I would go the mat for this girl in a heartbeat, but I don't have to be happy about it.

Then we're on the dance floor together and Fai is off to the side trying to chat with someone she knows and Nina is waving the ruler around her head and tapping/hitting guys with it. Their responses ranged from mild amusement to outright annoyance; I kick into Mom Mode and start worrying she's going to take someone's eye out. Before I know it she's thwacking this one guy with it and giving him the finger. The guy says something to her and she shoves him and continues to flick him off and brandish the ruler.

I have only met this girl 20 minutes previously, and now she is going to impale some stranger with a ruler. I grab Fai and tell her, "Hey, your friend is starting some shit." Fai gets between Nina and the guy (she's a braver woman than I) and manages to separate them.

Oh, the flashbacks to university! As straightforward and assertive as I may be, I have had some pretty fiesty friends, and I've spent more than one night pulling a drunk and screaming friend off some equally drunk and screaming opponent. Is it weird that I kind of miss it?

Despite being batshit insane, Nina was actually very cool; I got a chance to chat with her as I drove her home. She emigrated from Russia when she was 18, and she talked about how envious she was that Fai and I have been friends for 20 years, and the difficulty of connecting with friends you've left behind. She apologized for starting shit at the bar, and I told her it was no big deal. It really wasn't: there was no need for her to get in that guy's face, but she calmed down quick enough.

That's enough for today. I'll pick up the Book Meme tomorrow probably. (It's a good thing I'm about two weeks ahead ;)
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