Aug. 13th, 2012

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Not because there's really anything going on with me at all. (Other than the usual.) But because I miss you all, and I really need to start Making an Effort.

Math tutoring job is going well-ish. We have tons of new students, and have hired new instructors. HOWEVER, I am all paranoid, because every now and again I get this sneaking suspicion that I'm training my replacements, which is not a fun feeling at all. (It has to do with the fickle and moody nature of one of my bosses and her suddenly turning all major tasks over to her business partner's 19 year-old daughter rather than let me handle them. On the one hand, she has zero job experience, and I know they want to give her some. On the other hand: fuck.)

I continue to hate my second job as a grocery cashier, for all the usual reasons.

Third job as freelance copyeditor is officially "up in the air". The contract for the job I was working on is up, and though the PTB keep insisting there are "exciting things ahead", they don't appear to have any work to hand out at the moment.

All of this means that I am currently looking for new employment. I've applied for several jobs with public libraries, 'cause I REALLY WANT TO WORK FOR A LIBRARY! It's kind of my ideal job. (As much as any job is my ideal job. In reality, I am much better-suited to the non-existant job title "Freelance Princess of Undefined Lands". Exactly zero listings for that one on Craigslist.)

In writing news, ARGH, I was supposed to have something written for a deadline in TWO DAYS, and lo, it is not written. Need. To. Write. NOW!

I also need to get off my butt and hustle up some more freelance editing work.

Also on the list: get my proverbial shit together and get on with this business of being a grown-up. Great big WHATEVER to that one, though.

In the meantime, you've all gotten into One Direction and something called Teen Wolf, and as per usual, I am standing here on the sidelines scratching my head. WOE is me and my general failure to fangirl properly!

In conclusion: I need Doctor Who NOW. As they say: like burning.

Oh. And last week, I had a four year-old who was bound and determined to PROVE to me that there were 6 coins in the picture he was supposed to count, and not 7. He argued this point at top volume for about 10 minutes. It was one of our more successful conversations of the day.

Somewhat related: I have now completely reversed my stance on beating children.

(No. I haven't. But seriously: this kid...) :P

How are you, flist? Care to share some gifs, porn, or whathaveyou with an old friend? :P
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