Aug. 5th, 2012

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I have mixed feelings about weddings. On the one hand, there's a dance floor, cake, and (usually) an open bar, which is always a recipe for a good time. On the other hand...

There are so many ways that life can go: not just with who and how you love, but also the role you make for love in your life and whether or not you choose to love at all. (Romantically, I mean.) Weddings really only celebrate one of those ways. Which, ya know, if that's the way that works for you, that's great. As for everybody else, well...

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I love to go to weddings. I am a sap and a sentimental person. I like to see the people I love happy and showered with affection.

I do not like that this experience is limited to only those who fit the proper criteria. I do not like society's reinforcement of a very limited definition of love. And I wish that everyone could have a day to feel so special and so loved as I hope my dear friend felt today on her wedding day.
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