May. 10th, 2012

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My brain is in about 12 places at once. I think this is OK, but I can't spare enough of my active thoughts to ponder on it...

Cashier job? Obnoxious as always. Many co-workers are lovely! Some others are not. Many customers need to DIAF.

Tutoring job? Going well-ish. I have an assistant for the summer (my boss's daughter), so yay! Less work for me. However, if we don't increase our number of students over the summer, we're going to lose our franchise license.

Copy editing job? VERY MUCH a sort of learn-as-you-go thing. Much learning comes in the form of shouty, CAPS-LOCKED mass emails send out by the project managers. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about camera lenses.

Wanting-to-be-a-writer-job? Up and down. The bisexual romance story I sold is going to get COVER ART! Major excitement. However, trying to fill out the form they will use to produce said cover art is turning out to be a challenge. I am...just not a visual person. (I am going to have to re-read the story to see if I decided on a hair color for either of the main characters.) I really need to propose a "Visual Description - HOW DOES IT WORK?!" discussion at [ profile] pulped_fictions. Other than that, I have done NO WRITING for sale since...March. Boo.

Fairy tale challenge verse is coming along! I will actually finish one of the epic poems I set out to write! Hooray!

I am most likely buying a car tomorrow. Must go to credit union and see if they will give me money, and then go to dealership and see if they will give me car.

Also going to buy plants for the veggie garden tomorrow.

Also going out for girl's night.

Getting my nose pierced on Saturday!

Working on Mother's Day. Mother is disappointed.

Planning for Chicago trip for friend's bachelorette party next month. Chicago friends: holla back, y'all!

And that's...probably not it. I am surely forgetting something. But still.

How's tricks, flist? :D
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