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I feel so accomplished today. I cleaned and vacuumed my bedroom, did laundry, spent an hour and a half on the phone and the internet figuring out my student loan situation, finished adding all the new zombie prompts to the database, and pimped [ profile] zombi_fic_ation out to a couple comms. (I also showered, but never mind! Now I'm just bragging. :P)

Last item on my agenda before I head off to tutor: pimp the zombie prompts that MUST BE WRITTEN!

First, have a banner: click it to add your own prompts to the fest!

And now: THESE PROMPTS NEED HOMES! Won't you lend a hand? List of prompts I'm dying to see filled: )

Want to fill one of these prompts? Mark your calendar for Monday, April 23 when prompt claiming opens.

Want to add an idea for your fandom? Get thee to the prompt post!
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Still time to prompt before we unleash the undead:

Prompting is going swimmingly over at [ profile] zombi_fic_ation! So many awesome prompts I want to see filled. (I'll do a rundown of ones I'm gunning for later in the week.) If you haven't contributed yet, you have another week to get your prompt in.

And now, inspired by a discussion at [ profile] fail_fandomanon, and one I've seen crop up many times in many places: Prompts and Prompting Etiquette.


As per usual, discuss in the comments!
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Because I won't be around tomorrow to harrass remind you all, just wanted to say:

Prompting for [ profile] zombi_fic_ation's fic fest starts tomorrow!

Be sure to watch and/or join the community so you won't miss it. :)

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April 8, the dead will rise at [ profile] zombi_fic_ation

Running a ZOMBIE FIC FEST with [ profile] kel_reiley: multi-fandom, and original fiction, too. Anybody have any ideas for where to pimp this thing? And if you're willing to help promote, please snag a banner from behind the cut: THE CUT )
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(If I ever get around to joining a personals site, that's going to be my headline. [ profile] rachel2205, my love, you put up with so much! :P xx)

Spring Into Sherlock over at [ profile] sherlockmas is going well! *knock wood* The submissions are rolling in, and I've managed to design things in a way that I don't have to threaten to break any kneecaps if people don't come through with their commitments! (Though I may have threatened the lives of a few anonymous kittens. Hey, whatever works!)

Here's a conversation I had with two students tonight: (Isabelle is 10, Max is 13.)

Max (apropos of nothing): How do you think the world is going to end?
Me (unfazed): I think in a few hundred million years, the sun will expand, and...
Isabelle: You don't think the world will end in 2012?
Me: No...
Max: You don't think the world will end in a zombie apocalypse?
Me: I don't know...what if it did?
Max: I would hide out here! (Meaning the math center.)
Me (scoffing): Are you kidding me? Look at those big glass windows up front! The zombies would get right through that...
Isabelle: I'd hide in the prize case!
Max: I was going to say that!
Me: How would you even fit in there? Besides, it's made of clear guys really gotta work on your zombie survival plan!
Max: Well, then I'd hide in the trunk of your car!
Me: I don't know...I don't have a very big car.
Max: We'd drive over to Kroger (a grocery store), and eat a bunch of food!
Me: That could be a plan...I could die in a Kroger.

Sometimes, being a good tutor means teaching the kids about life, and not just about math. :P


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