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Ok, so...tomorrow is my LAST DAY OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES EVER! It has been a 10 year odyssey to get this degree. You don't even want to know all of the detours and obstacles along the way. (It hasn't been ten continuous years, I should mention. Also, I am graduating with more than a FULL YEAR'S worth of extra credits. UGH!)

Tomorrow, I turn in my final paper, take two exams, and then that's it. I am graduated! I am flung out into the wide world where I must try to make my way as best I can. (OH GOD, I'M SCARED! Hold me???)

At the very least, I'll have loads more time to waste, so expect me to be EVEN MORE ever-present than I am now. I'll be finishing up all the fic commitments I've made, and then hopefully working on other projects I've wanted to have time for.

So...who wants to party with me? *hopeful smile*

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ONE WEEK LEFT OF CLASSES! Boo yah. That's right, I said BOO YAH!

I have one more paper to write, for my Complex Organizations class. (That's right, the class I hate with the professor who's a dick.) I am going to write my paper on the concept of "emotional labor" in child care facilities and how it ties in to the fact that child care workers are some of the most over-stressed and underpaid workers in the country. One of the best articles I've come across so far details the "prisoner of love" theory which postulates about why child care workers are so poorly paid: that companies exploit the intrinsic caring motives of their employees in order to pay them less.

This is a subject close to my heart, as I've spent my life working with children, and am consequently poor as a result. I've done a lot of different jobs with kids, but I've worked for two different daycares: one was a YMCA daycare, which really was a pleasant experience: the YMCA is a not-for-profit organization, and that ethos of "human benefit over profit" really did a lot to foster a positive attitude for workers and children alike. The other daycare was a massive franchise that sucked out my soul and spit it back to me at the end of every day. So yes: this is a topic close to my heart.

In other news, I still have a meme going! )
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As I might have mentioned, the topic of my research paper is how the proliferation of the internet has impacted people's sexuality and sexual behavior. In order to come up with research articles, I spent a lot of time searching various sex-related journals for use of the word "internet". (This was the best method I found; all attempts to narrow or focus my search ended with no results.) Since my search methods were less than precise, I've spent a lot of time browsing through unrelated journal articles. Combined with the research for my paper, I've learned a few things, namely:

  • A LOT of scientists have studied the practice of condom-less sex among gay men. Seriously, during my research I thought about creating my own Research Paper Drinking Game where I would down a shot every time I came across the word "barebacking".
  • "Autassassinophilia is a paraphilia (i.e. "fetish") in which a person is sexually aroused by the risk of being killed." I have no idea how to pronounce that.
  • Social scientists REALLY enjoy coming up with cutesy article titles. Some of my favorite examples: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered ... I’m Yours”: Calibrating Body Ownership through the Consensual Mastery/slavery Dynamic; the elegantly simple Hey stud: Race, sex, and sports; and the enigmatic Silver 'porn bullet' for information technology industry?
  • Studies regarding the use of pornography and other sexually explicit materials are still disturbingly biased toward male use.
  • Apparently sex, and especially porn, is bad, yo. Not all of the research agrees, but man: it is difficult to find good, comprehensive research that focuses on normal, healthy, positive sexuality.
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I am still sick. The cough is a bit better, but still there, and I have a head full of snot and a low-grade fever. I went to the doctor today, though, and I now have anti-biotics and an inhaler. Whee!

Other than coughing and blowing my nose, I will be spending the weekend finishing my research paper on the internet's influence on human sexuality. It's a review of literature, which means I find articles to support my hypothesis and then summarize, analyze, and critique them. Good times.

The professor for the class--doesn't seem to be completely with it, though. The specifications for the paper call for 8-10 articles and a total of 8-10 pages. Now, that isn't a maximum, but still: I have written up two articles so far for a total of 6 PAGES! IN 10 PT. FONT. And I haven't even written an introduction or conclusion for the paper, either.

I honestly can't see how I could whittle it down and still include all of the information she wants. I have no problems with turning in a 20+ page paper; I JUST DON'T WANT TO WRITE IT! I WANT TO LAY ON THE COUCH AND WATCH MY NEW SERIES 5 DOCTOR WHO DVDS! (I also want to whine and stomp my feet like a little child. Pardon me.)

Ugh...I am going to have to find a way to cover these articles in under two pages, or I may not survive the weekend.
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More or less, that is. Well, not really...but I am seriously sick of being sick.

This cold or whatever it is is working totally backwards. My colds usually progress in a predictable linear fashion: sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, cough. This one started with cough, and is now working its way through "head full of snot" with the sore throat phase beginning tonight at work. Oh, and last night I had a coughing fit that lasted for about 20 minutes. My cat kept coming back to check and see if I was done so she could eat her food in peace.

Since I feel like a pile of sludge, I've made an extra effort to look nice at work, to distract everyone from the fact that I appear to be carrying The Plague. (Have you ever seen some dying of the Black Death in mascara? I don't think so!) "Never mind the horrific, hacking cough! My hair smells FANTASTIC!)


Tomorrow I spend the entire day on campus and cap it all off with the Epic Three Hour Lecture of Suck. We should find out our grades from our second exam. I wonder what he'll do if a lot of people did poorly again. MAYBE THIS TIME HE WILL BUY EVERYONE A PONY!
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I got this email from the professor for my Complex Organizations class today:

Note on Exam I: Most of you did just fine on the exam, but for those who struggled and hope to do better on future exams, I have decided to establish a MINIMUM GRADE for the exam of 70%. So, if after adding the 3point curve, your score was stil below 70%, you can now record your Exam I grade as 70%. I must caution that this is a one time adjustment, and I will not be doing this on subsequent exams.

What? WHAT? I repeat: WHAT?!?

This was one of the easiest exams I've ever taken in my life! It's not enough that his lectures move at a snail's pace with a patronizing level of dumbing-down of the material; that his lectures are more or less a summary of the readings (WHY DO I HAVE TO READ THEM IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO REPEAT ALL THE SAME INFORMATION IN CLASS??); or that he gave everyone an extra 3 percentage points for the hell of it.


Fuck you, dickhead.

Now, someone tell me I'm way too worked-up over this, that I need to take a deep breath and calm down because this has nothing to do with me.

Because I want to punch this guy in the face.
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My brain does many things well: sarcastic comments, fractions, and crossword puzzles being some of them. There are also things my brain just can't handle. For instance: chess. I cannot, for the life of me, play chess. Oh, I know the rules and how each piece moves, I'm not a drooling idiot: but when it comes to playing an actual game, I cannot capture even one of my opponent's pieces. Even when the computer is set to "Easy" or "Beginner."

You might say: "Oh, but Amy, you just need practice!" I don't think so. You see, not only am I terrible at chess: I can't handle CHECKERS. I might manage to scoop up a couple pieces my opponent sacrifices, but in the end I'm always crushed. And I've spent my life working with children and playing games with them. I have been well and truly beaten by a five year old. Somehow, no matter how hard I try to concentrate on the whole game and think one or two moves ahead, I end up setting myself up for one of those embarrassing plays where my opponent jumps six or seven of my checkers at once.

And yet I'm unbeatable at Connect Four.

Another thing my brain doesn't do so well? Directions.

It's not that I can't read a map. I am awesome at reading maps. It's not that I can't follow directions. I can follow directions! It's just when it comes to making a mental picture in my head of how roads link up and which go where and whatnot, I am HORRIBLE.

I've always maintained I'm much more a verbal than visual person. Yet, I can look at a map detailing a route for 20 seconds and remember it for the rest of the day. It's something to do with my spatial reasoning, I'm sure of it! Even if you asked me to give you directions from my house to my work (which I could drive in my sleep) I'd get half of it wrong. I'd remember the main highways and most of the exits, but the little turns and sidestreets I can't picture until I see them.

People ask questions like: "Is it the third exit?" or "Is it next to the Taco Bell?" and I have no idea, because I don't notice things unless I'm looking for them. I can visit a store a dozen times without ever noticing what it's next to. I might know there's a bank on the corner, but I probably couldn't tell you which one. How many houses from the corner is the student co-op I used to live in? *shrugs*

All of that explanation is leading up to this: there was an accident on my usual route to school this morning. I decided, instead of slogging through it, to go another way. Bad idea. Of course, I didn't know it was a bad idea. In my head I knew this one highway linked up with another.

What I did NOT know was that they linked up much further west than I needed to go. Since I thought I knew where I was going, and I'm used to not recognizing my surroundings, it took me FOREVER to realize I had gone out of my way. I called my mother so she could look up on a map where I was, and I was 25 minutes late to class.

No, I'm sorry: 25 minutes late TO MY EXAM.

It's not that big of a deal. I'm taking a makeup on Wednesday.

When I came home for lunch before work, my mother asked, "Weren't you anxious?"

I said, "No, I knew she would give me a makeup."

And she clarified, "No, about being lost: I get so anxious when I don't know where I am. Weren't you nervous?"

I thought about it. "Mmm...not really. I get lost all the time. I'm kinda used to it."

That's me in a nutshell, folks!
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Bah, I keep meaning to make this post and forgetting to do it!

So, for my Food & Culture class I have an assignment to prepare a recipe for a food that is new to me from a culture that is not part of my ethnic background. Here are some of the guidelines:

This project will provide you with an opportunity to prepare and try one new food that you have not previously integrated into your own diet and that is not a part of your cultural background.

Select a culture that is being studied in this course other than one that is a part of your own cultural background.

Using your textbooks and other resources provided to you through this course, e.g. "Notes" links; or a cookbook that contains recipes from the culture that you selected, locate a recipe that you find to be appealing and that you are willing to prepare and consume.

The only problem with this assignment is that I'm a bit of a foodie and have sampled and incorporated into my diet A LOT of foods from different cultures! I've regularly consumed organ meats, exotic vegetables, and just about everything that swims in the sea (tentacles, anyone?). I have ghee, tahini, tamari, oyster sauce, and sumac powder in my cupboards right now.

So, I'm asking for some suggestions for recipes that I could use to fulfill this assignment. To help out, my ethnic background is German and Polish, so those are out. I'm fairly familiar with a lot of different cultural foods, but just throw some suggestions at me! I don't mind if the dish is fairly confidant, as I love to cook.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


From AO3:
This work potentially has adult content. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content.

Um, AO3 darling...I WROTE that adult content!
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Just got this in my inbox:

Timely Warning to the Community

Reported Crime: Attempted Carjacking / Unarmed Robbery

At approximately 8:30 p.m. tonight in the Oakwood Guest Parking Lot, a female EMU student, reported that she was approached by two males on foot as she was sitting in her vehicle. The first male approached the victim and demanded her vehicle. The second male stood on the passenger side of her vehicle. When the victim advised she was not giving him her vehicle, the suspect pulled her from the vehicle. After a brief struggle, the suspect got into the victim’s vehicle and tried to start it. The victim struggled with the suspect some more and then started screaming for help. Two witnesses approached the victim and the suspects fled on foot. The suspects fled in a southwesterly direction from the lot. The victim’s backpack was stolen by the suspects.

So, basically I get an email like this just about every week. There is A LOT of crime that takes place on campus, which is just spiffy. (And nothing new to me; I lived in the city where my uni's located for two and a half years, and there were cops and drug raids at my building on a pretty regular basis.)

What I find most ridiculous about the whole situation is the email's subject: A Timely Warning to the Community. It just sounds so quaint, like they're going to apprise us of a change in parking restrictions for an upcoming parade.
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One of the courses I'm taking this semester is Social Research Methods. I'm a little peeved that I have to take this course, considering I already have lots of experience and have even presented my research at symposia, but whatever, I have to take it, it's fine.

Our major assignment for the semester is a review of literature on a topic of our choosing. I need to choose a topic, do some preliminary research, and write up my proposal by Wednesday. And I still haven't picked a topic.

I can think of plenty topics I'd like to cover, but either they're psychology and not sociology-related, or they're so obscure that it's unlikely I'll be able to find enough research. Some ideas I'm DYING to use: Cut for extremely long and boring musings on topics that may or may not be of interest to anyone other than myself. )
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I didn't go into work today, because it's a slow time of year for us, and I don't have enough students on Thursdays. It's nice to have a day off, but I really need the money! Things really need to pick up soon, and I need to get some more high-paying private students.

Instead of spending my day off productively, doing homework, laundry, planning for this dinner party I'm supposed to be hosting this weekend, and a million other things I need to do, I have spent it shopping and surfing the internet. I finally bought some bras that fit properly (that I tried on before buying), so that was good, but then I also bought "jeggings" (jean leggings. I know, the name irritates me, too.), which is bad, because I don't necessarily need them. (But they do look hot under my boots, so...)

Last night I had a dream where I was in a class, and there were a couple people at the back of the room being rude and talking. The lecturer was just ignoring them, so in the middle of his Power Point presentation I just stood up and shouted at them: "COULD YOU JUST SHUT UP PLEASE!" Then I offered to go out in the hall with the guy and fight him. He didn't take me up on it. (He could sense I'm a badass, oh yeah!)

The teacher wanted to talk to me after class, and I was forced to admit that I might have overreacted just a tiny little bit. I said, "I was just really frustrated." He said, "Yes, well it's not your job to monitor the class." I said, "I know, that's why I was frustrated: you should have done it!"

Even in my dreams I have no tact.

Link to my Sherlock fan mix is here.

Book Meme Day 08 )
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Here's the finished bonnet I made for my friend's baby:

finished bonnet

I think I'm still going to block it to smooth out that back seam.

For highlights of my first day back in classes after two years or so, follow the white rabbit! )


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