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Here's my first round of responses to this meme. If you'd still like to make a prompt/request, please do so!

Here I have a short ficlet for [ profile] girlingoldboots, and some...pointless rambling about gender and historical fiction for [ profile] clare_dragonfly. I'll get to the rest of the requests throughout the week!

From [ profile] girlingoldboots: Let's do Sherlock accidental baby aquisition... )

From [ profile] clare_dragonfly: Ooh... #1 (genderswap) for Mansfield Park :D )
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Snagged from [ profile] venivincere, pretty much immediately. (Fic and stats? Oh, be still my heart! ♥)

Top 10 By Hit Count: )

Top 10 By Kudos: )

It's nice to see that "Two Rivers" topped the kudos list, as it's definitely one of my favorite pieces of fic I've ever written--probably that one, and "Almost Anyone" are, I think, my best works.

Other works I am really fond/proud of but which failed to chart are a lot of my Amy/Rory stories. In particular, I really like Where Two Paths Cross and I Thought of You. (I also really like The Woman She'll Turn Out To Be, but it's kidfic, and I am forever alone in my love of kidfic. :P) These probably didn't make the list because of the relative un-popularity of Amy/Rory. (Any Doctor Who fic I write that includes the Doctor, even in a cameo role, automatically gets twice the hits. Le sigh.)

Also interesting to note: my most popular fic on LJ is, by far, Lightning Fast, and it has yet to receive a single kudos on AO3! Who'da thunk?

{Also, it occured to me while compiling this list: I have written many, many fills for [ profile] eleventy_kink, and have made a grand total of three prompts. (Two of them just the other night when I was tipsy and in need of a social outlet.) Someone, somewhere, owes me fic!}

/self-indulgent self-indulgency
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Finally watched The Hounds of Baskerville - I loved all of the little nods to canon.

Thoughts on this season of Sherlock (so far). )
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(Click the banner to dive into the fest!)

Title: "The Tell-Tale Organ"
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Mentions of insanity and...human organs. :P
Prompt: ANY; Edgar Allan Poe (who died mysteriously on 7 October, FYI)
Summary: A human heart in the refrigerator is the last straw that pushes John over the edge.

Author's Notes: This is a parody of Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, the full text of which can be read online. (My fic makes a lot more sense if you've read that story first! This fic steals borrows heavily from it.)

But why WILL you say I am mad? )
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Once again, it's time to play: "What Would YOU Do?", the fantastic play-at-home webgame wherein I ask you, dear flist, to make my life choices for me.

No, I'm kidding! But I do want opinions.

I just discovered the "legacy story stats" feature at, because I am WAY on top of things. (Seriously, I don't know who designed their user interface and whether or not they have a deep-seated hatred for humanity, but DAMN is it hard to navigate when you want to post a story!) This feature lets you see which communities and collections your works have been added to.

Two of my Sherlock stories have been added to a community called "Non-Slashers Unite!" which is described thusly: (copy and pasted from the comm's description)

For those of you who don't like to read slash stories then I have a place for you! NSU is your place to find all stories that a) aren't slash, b) don't have really strong/prolific language, c) any sort of explicit sex scenes—m/m, f/f, m/f—, and d) some pretty awesome Sherlock fics! If any of a-c start to appear then it will be taken off and if you awesome readers find something we missed please let us know! If you don't want your stories put into NSU then please let us know and we will remove them! Thanks!

I have thoughts:

a. I do not remember being solicited to "unite" with anyone, and am disturbed to discover I have been "united" with this community for about five months. (They added my stories back in February.)

b. I am rather offended and also discouraged to find my stories are considered to be devoid of "prolific language". Hey buddy: my stories contain hundreds, if not thousands of words! Some of them three syllables even...

c. Is this homophobia at work?

Now, before I ask for your opinions, I would mention:

I don't find the idea of excluding slash (and only slash) from an archive to be necessarily homophobic, in and of itself. For me, it has more to do with the reason slash is excluded and the attitude that accompanies the exclusion.

I can also sympathize with the comm's desire for PG fare without explicit sex or language. (Though Mrs. Hudson does call Moriarty a "son of a bitch" in one of my stories.)

As far as I can see, this comm has not made any explicit judgment of slash, LGBTQ persons or relationships--they've simply stated "this is an archive for all that is not-slash". HOWEVER, if they are operating under the pretense that slash is "gross" or "wrong" or are projecting any implications other than "it's just not my personal preference", I do not want any part of it.

With all that in mind, what do you think? THE POLL. )

Any issues you want to raise, feel free to bring them up in comments. I'm especially interested to hear what people make of the general tone of this comm.

I tend to write mostly gen in the Sherlock fandom, with the odd bit of Molly/Moriarty thrown in. My stories are generally appreciated, but then I do also get a few Weirdos who think that because I write Sherlock and John as platonic friends I'm somehow morally opposed to the idea of them fucking. I'm not: I'm just not particuarly interested in reading or writing about it. I don't consider myself a Non-Slasher, but rather someone who tends to prefer other types of fic ahead of most slash fics. (The balance is rapidly shifting as regards Eleven/Rory though. But that's a whole 'nother fandom...)
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Trailer for the new RDJ Sherlock Holmes movie coming out in December:

As action movies go, it looks good; as a part of the Sherlock Holmes canon? Uh, no no no... (I'm still going to see it, natch.)

So, what does everyone think? Should they even bother to use the Holmes name for this franchise anymore? (Or am I Wrong and Need To Be Told?)
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I have claimed my prompt for [ profile] sherlockmas's "Summer of Sherlock" ficathon! It is:

River Song, River Tam, John Watson; DOCTOR WHO and FIREFLY xover: Shooting gallery at a summer fair.

This may be my first time writing a crossover. I don't usually write them because I'm not familiar with that many canons, but here's a prompt that combines Sherlock, Doctor Who, AND Firefly! It had to be mine. :P

If you'd like to claim a prompt of your own: follow this link! (If you're not sure which one to pick, I'll you which ones were mine so you can claim them. ;)

And remember how I said I was going to take all of your book recs and compile them into a spreadsheet? Well, I have! There was some interest from others in sharing it, so here ya go: follow me!

One of these days, I'd love to host a book rec swapping meme-type thing: where people can ask for recommendations for certain genres/types of books, and people can post stray recs. Is there any interest for something like that?
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PROMPTING is still going on over at [ profile] sherlockmas for the Summer of Sherlock festival! I know that a lot of you have seen the series, so even if you don't think you'll find the time to participate in the fest itself, do head on over and offer up a prompt. The only requirement is that the prompt have (at least) a tenuous connection to summer.

Click for Details!

Click here to prompt!
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This is taken from [ profile] fail_fandomanon in a thread about "annoying fanon taken as canon":

Oh, in Sherlock fandom there's so much of that going on. A few examples:

- Sherlock being asexual.
- Sherlock being or having been a cocaine (or any drug) addict.
- Sherlock hating the way his own brain works ("too much noise" and the like; I blame wordstrings for this. She's very good writer, but I don't like her take on Sherlock, and I really don't like her take being accepted by large parts of fandom).
- Sherlock being a sociopath (yeah, I know he says so himself, but that doesn't make it true).
- Mycroft not really caring about his brother.

*forehead slap*

An exercise in futility, in which I take on this comment point-by-point. )

/end Sherlock-specific bit

All of this brings me to my topic for discussion: what is canon? How attached are you to the 'facts' of the media you enjoy? Do you like it when the source material mixes it up and plays with canon, or is a foolish consistency the hobgoblin of your little mind? (I know it is of mine...)

Where is the line between canon and fanon?

Also: Do you have bits of fanon you find annoying, or that you actually like better than canon?

As for my own personal favorite bit of fanon: see icon!
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Click the banner to find out how you can vote for the best of the Spring Into
Sherlock Fest at [ profile] sherlockmas!
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Hey, do you guys know what day it is? No, not Mother's Day. (Though it technically is...) To be honest, if you do know you're one step ahead of me...

It's the LAST DAY of [ profile] sherlockmas's Spring Into Sherlock Fest!!!

I...didn't quite realize it was the last day until I started typing the date "May 8" and remembered that voting was supposed to start May 9. You see, I thought there were 30 days for the festival, though I'd only scheduled it for 28. Oops! So, there's a whopping six new works up on the comm now, and I'm postponing the start of voting until May 10.

One of the works that went up today is my own. So, yeah: have a look if you're so inclined:

Name: Amy ([ profile] apple_pathways)
Type of work: fic
Category: Gen.
Title: “And Back”
Prompt(s) used: Sherlock has the head of Orpheus in his refrigerator.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Themes of loss and mourning. A severed head.
Notes/Acknowledgments: Much thanks to [ profile] sabriel75 and [ profile] evilhippo for the encouragement and company while writing this story. And thanks to everyone who took part in Spring Into Sherlock, for making this festival such a good time!
Summary: "A tragic widow, a severed head, and a rather unsettling view of the afterlife--all discussed over tea."

"And Back", over at [ profile] sherlockmas.
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Click the banner to get started or visit our FAQ for more info!

YAY PEOPLE ARE PARTICIPATING IN OUR FEST! [ profile] rachel2205, my fearless co-mod and Light of my LJ, has offered to write my Molly/Jim "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf" prompt, and someone else is writing my Jim/Molly "Hades/Persephone" prompt! Life is good.

For anyone who missed my last post: we are throwing a retirement party for my father. I am In Charge of Music. Please list:

Songs you would be willing to boogie to in the company of your parents and their friends.

(Oh, and for anyone else who ever needs DJ advice: [ profile] ladybracknell is surprisingly knowledgable! It's true: there is nothing she can't do!)
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Click the banner to submit a prompt, or visit our FAQ for more info.

Open prompting for [ profile] sherlockmas's 'Spring Into Sherlock' fanworks festival has begun! If you're familiar with the show, stop on by to offer up a prompt.

And if you're willing (please?), here's the banner code to share the news with the Sherlock fans on your flist:

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Thanks to everyone who offered an opinion on which name to choose. In the end, my all-wise all-knowing co-mod Miss [ profile] rachel2205 picked "Spring into Sherlock" as it most neatly captures the two elements we wanted to get across in our title: 'spring' and 'Sherlock'!

So I have created an incredibly-bright and (I hope) altogether eye-catching banner to spread the love! If you'd like to promote the fest to the Sherlock fans on your flist *hopeful smile* I've provided the banner code below!

(Oh, and if you're a member of [ profile] thegameison_sh: I'll promote this in the Team Sherlock comm, but if you're on another team and would be willing to share this banner on your team comm...)

(Look how happy he is! Won't you join us? :P)

Click the banner to get started or visit our FAQ for more info!

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A question, dear flist:

If you were running a spring fanworks fest, what would you name it? (Keeping in mind that I am likely to steal your answer...)

Quick poll:

[Poll #1681905]

Also: what other phrases/sayings can you think of that are about spring?

For some great Sherlock fic reading, here is a Masterlist of all the works produced for Sherlockmas's Christmas fanworks exchange. :D

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

Why is it not spring now??? I want to dig in my garden!!!
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This is my entry for the [ profile] sherlockmas fic exchange, for [ profile] proxydialogue, who asked for some dark humor and a bit of psychologizing. I hope this fits the bill!

Title: "Experiment and Observation"
Characters: John and Sherlock
Rating: Mature teen?
WARNINGS: drug use
Word Count: 1,800
Acknowledgments: Much thanks to the deliciously thorough [ profile] evilhippo, whose services as a beta have made this fic infinitely better!

Summary: Sherlock's latest experiment requires John's help. Will he be willing to provide it if it means putting his flatmate's life in danger? (dun Dun DUN! Honestly, I hate writing summaries. Just ignore me now!)

Read me! )
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Fans of BBC Sherlock! [ profile] thegameison_sh is recruiting new members! Cycle one is drawing to a close, and that meets sign-ups are open once again to new members. I do believe they will close again on the 24th (Christmas Eve), so do hurry and get in now if you'd like to join the fun!

[ profile] thegameison_sh is a fic challenge with monthly prompts, and monthly bonus challenges; every month, you write a fic of no more than 750 words, and then get a chance to read and vote on everyone else's efforts. There's also multimedia bonus challenges, discussion posts, and general camaraderie and good times! There are four teams: yours truly is an official team cheerleader for Team Sherlock. They call me Skull. (No, really!)

Do sign-up if you fancy it! It's a good time.

join [ profile] thegameison_sh

EDITED for spelling fail! "Comaraderie" sounds like a social club for vegetables.


Dec. 1st, 2010 11:34 pm
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First of all, my latest fic from [ profile] thegameison_sh: (The challenge was "minor characters")

Title: His Dark Mistress
Rating: PG-13
I've been admiring your work. )

Countdown Meme Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
My <3 is yours, if... )
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A reminder to those in need of reminding, and a final last-ditch effort to rope in anybody who may have been holding out:

Sign-ups for the Sherlockmas holiday fanworks exchange end tomorrow!

Hurry hurry! :)

Happy Holmesidays!

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Finally, thanks to the lovely [ profile] jossversejunky, Sherlockmas has a banner! Behold:

Happy Holmesidays!

Oh, and sign-ups close this Sunday. Spread the word! ;)


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