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Please let me recommend to you Cecilia Ryan, as an author and general person to watch. She bleeds romance from her proverbial (virtual?) pen, and her new novel looks just as intricate, poignant, and compelling as ever.

Winding Road

by Cecilia Ryan
(click the banner to visit her on GoodReads)
Winding Road cover, hand and guitar fret.

Winding Road is a romance and coming of age story for Ash, a young musician with a band that's just starting to make a name for itself and a huge crush on a fellow musician, the mysterious Indigo. As his music career takes off, so does his love life, sending him on an emotional rollercoaster ride that's all part of growing up. With a little help from his friends, Ash navigates the brave new world of semi-stardom and, just maybe, finds a little happiness with the man of his dreams.
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So, you know how I was talking about making a meme where people can share books recommendations? Well, I went and did it! As with most things I do, it's probably monstrously over-planned, but I think it could be fun if it gets off the ground!

And that's where I need your help, dear Flist: first, would you help me promote it by copying and pasting the code provided and displaying my banner on your journal? (Click the banner yourself to go the meme!)

Second: I need your help getting it off the ground! So, if you've got a moment, think about your favorite book and write up a quick recommendation for it. Looking for something to read? Describe the type of book you're looking for! (Remember: the templates I provided are optional! If you'd rather just throw out a couple sentences about why Sweet Valley High #17 was the best book ever written, but all means: DO IT! :D

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you all? *puppy eyes* (Don't make me beg!!!) :P

(OH! And if you notice any errors or have any advice, do let me know!)
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How does a book rec meme work?


  1. Find the genre/type of book you're looking for in the comments! The following genre/types are listed in alphabetical order:

    Chick Lit
    Children's and Young Adult Lit
    Contemporary Literature
    Historical Fiction
    Manga, Comics, and Graphic Novels
    Science Fiction
    and "Other" (For any genre or type not already listed.)

  2. Click 'reply to this' on the comment with the genre you're looking for. If you're recommending a book, type "RECCING" in the Subject line of your comment. If you're requesting a recommendation, type "REQUESTING".
  3. Either copy, paste, and fill out the handy forms provided, or describe in your own words the book you're recommending or looking to read.
  4. Browse the other recommendations that have already been left. Read the rec requests other participants have left, and make suggestions for books you think they might like.
  5. Share the love! ♥ Copy and paste the following code into your journal to send your friends to the meme:

It's that easy! ;)

Just remember:

* Keep it civil, or suffer the consequences! (Consequences TBD, but may include deletion, bannination, or unsightly rash.)
* DO NOT "Post a new comment"! To keep things tidy, please post all comments as a reply to an existing comment. Misplaced comments will be removed: it doesn't mean you're a bad person. :P
* If you need to ask me something or get my attention, either PM me or post a reply under the "Questions" thread, otherwise I may not see it.

Happy Reading! ♥
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I have claimed my prompt for [ profile] sherlockmas's "Summer of Sherlock" ficathon! It is:

River Song, River Tam, John Watson; DOCTOR WHO and FIREFLY xover: Shooting gallery at a summer fair.

This may be my first time writing a crossover. I don't usually write them because I'm not familiar with that many canons, but here's a prompt that combines Sherlock, Doctor Who, AND Firefly! It had to be mine. :P

If you'd like to claim a prompt of your own: follow this link! (If you're not sure which one to pick, I'll you which ones were mine so you can claim them. ;)

And remember how I said I was going to take all of your book recs and compile them into a spreadsheet? Well, I have! There was some interest from others in sharing it, so here ya go: follow me!

One of these days, I'd love to host a book rec swapping meme-type thing: where people can ask for recommendations for certain genres/types of books, and people can post stray recs. Is there any interest for something like that?
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The Background: Newsweek ran an article that placed Grand Rapids on a list of dying cities in the US. (Quoted from that article: "Michigan dominates much of this list, with several cities experiencing significant declines in population as the state suffered high unemployment rates and above average foreclosures in recent years due mainly to the collapse of the auto industry.")

Well, needless to say, the people of Michigan are a little tired of being kicked around! Our economy sucks, we have the highest unemployment rates in the country, the auto industry is dying: and to add insult to injury, magazines and newspapers and constantly naming our cities among the most miserable, most dangerous, the poorest...I could go on, but I'm getting depressed.


So what are the people of Grand Rapids going to do about it? Well, they're going to get 5,000 people together and create a video of the largest lip-synch to Don McClean's "American Pie", of course! DUH!

There are flames, NERF guns, weddings, acrobats, helicopters, and some hilariously bad lip-synchers! But the video gives me the warm fuzzies, and I hope it does the same for all of you. :D

I asked on the Sharing Sunday post over at [ profile] doctoreleven, but I also thought I'd ask again here: Has anyone found any good fic from current series of Doctor Who? I've found some good stuff (mostly porn. Go figure...), but I can't help but think there MUST BE MORE! Anything dealing with the current revelations of Series 6 would be appreciated, especially if it has Amy and Rory in it! Thanks. :D
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Hey guys, guess what? There is good fic over at! YES!

I was asked to beta for this author's first published work of fanfiction, and it came out really terrific! Fans of gen fic, Eleven, Amy, and Doctor Who's particular brand of science-y magic* will especially enjoy this story. The author has a really compelling theory of alternate universes that will have Alice in Wonderland fans especially excited. ;) Do check it out!

Reality Check.

(It's his first fic, and since I was invited in as a beta, I do feel like it's sort of my duty to boost his courage and encourage him to publish more! I remember how scary my first fic was.)

*thanks to [ profile] evilhippo for introducing me to the term "science-y magic"; I am now tempted to use it every change I get!
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[ profile] evilhippo recommended Josh Ritter's new album So Runs The World Away, and I like it quite a bit. There's this one track, though, called "Lark" that sounds SO MUCH like a Paul Simon track I always have to check my iTunes to make sure I'm still listening to the album. (Oh, and BTW, I just checked the Wikipedia entry for Panel Game and it has not yet reverted back to the original text. I am starting to feel a mite bit guilty!)

Pandora has a new "Indie Rock" station I've been enjoying. It's reminded me of several tracks I used to adore but haven't listened to in recent years. It's also reminded me of my HATRED for certain indie rock darlings, namely Animal Collective and Joanna Newsom. RANDOM SCREECHING SOUNDS ARE NOT MUSIC!

The person who compiled this station also has an unhealthy fixation with Björk. Remember, kids: Björk is fine every once in awhile, but don't overdo it! Moderation is key. Also, be sure to stay hydrated and listen with a buddy.

So what has everyone else been listening to? Any music recs? What were your favorite albums/songs of the year?
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I'm still waiting for the [ profile] history_kink meme to take off, but in the meantime: CLASSIC LITERATURE KINK MEME! [ profile] litkink Someone at [ profile] fail_fandomanon mentioned they wanted Fanny Price/Henry Crawford porn, and I SO SECOND THIS! I will give a million (internet) dollars to anyone who writes this for me! They were always better suited for each other than Fanny/Edmund anyway...
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That may not be an appropriate subject title for a post, but it is my favorite lyric from Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. (It may be one of my favorite lyrics ever, I'm not gonna lie! The metrics, the alliteration...the macabre LOLs it inspires! ♥)

So the time is drawing nigh for Halloween--my most favoritest holiday of the year! I've already started working on my costume, bought goodies to hand out to my students, and now I would like to burn a fresh Halloween CD to take with me to parties and play for the Trick or Treaters.

So tell me, darlings: What are your favorite Halloween songs? What would you most like to see on a Halloween mix?

Please do include the obvious ones we've all heard and boogied to before, and the not-so-obvious ones I may not have heard of, or may not have associated with Halloween before but just fit like a glove!
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Bah, I keep meaning to make this post and forgetting to do it!

So, for my Food & Culture class I have an assignment to prepare a recipe for a food that is new to me from a culture that is not part of my ethnic background. Here are some of the guidelines:

This project will provide you with an opportunity to prepare and try one new food that you have not previously integrated into your own diet and that is not a part of your cultural background.

Select a culture that is being studied in this course other than one that is a part of your own cultural background.

Using your textbooks and other resources provided to you through this course, e.g. "Notes" links; or a cookbook that contains recipes from the culture that you selected, locate a recipe that you find to be appealing and that you are willing to prepare and consume.

The only problem with this assignment is that I'm a bit of a foodie and have sampled and incorporated into my diet A LOT of foods from different cultures! I've regularly consumed organ meats, exotic vegetables, and just about everything that swims in the sea (tentacles, anyone?). I have ghee, tahini, tamari, oyster sauce, and sumac powder in my cupboards right now.

So, I'm asking for some suggestions for recipes that I could use to fulfill this assignment. To help out, my ethnic background is German and Polish, so those are out. I'm fairly familiar with a lot of different cultural foods, but just throw some suggestions at me! I don't mind if the dish is fairly confidant, as I love to cook.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


From AO3:
This work potentially has adult content. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content.

Um, AO3 darling...I WROTE that adult content!
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$15.00 at a consignment shop! Don't adjust your screen: those are 5 inch heels! ;)

I wanna make out with these shoes

They're Steve Madden, too; normally I don't care much about labels, but I hate it when secondhand shops charge you $12-$15 bucks for a cheap department store brand I could have bought on clearance for half as much.

ETA: since my Flist seem to be a knowledgable, learned bunch, I thought I would pose you all a question. I bought these shoes from a chain of secondhand stores called Plato's Closet. Does anyone know WTF the name means? Is it a reference I'm not getting? Is there a passage in the Republic where Plato sells one of his old togas for cash?

To keep this post from being completely shallow, a plea to all the audiobook fans!

I have an membership, and I get a free download every month. What should I go for this month? I always have a hard time deciding. So tell me: is there something out new that I should check out? An old favorite that's simply amazing? HELP!


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