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I was reading a post today about the recent official announcement of the airdate for Doctor Who's 7th series premiere. (September 1st!) On it, I came across a discussion of the lengths to which a fan went to stay unspoiled, and it included details and sources I never would have considered spoilers. And it made me wonder: does fandom at large generally agree on what constitutes a "spoiler"?

I'm very aware that the conventions concerning the treatment of "spoilers" can vary widely across fandoms and different forms of media. So I'll ask participants to think generally and to answer based on what you yourself think, rather than the general consensus of any particular fandoms in which you participate.

I'm also aware that certain details might be considered more or less spoilery based on context. For example: casting news that an actor who plays a recurring character is returning vs. general casting news for new, unknown characters or news that filming will return to a previously-used location (indicating that a storyline that took place there might be revisited) vs. general news about filming locations. In those cases, please assume that the provided details are only general information, and don't carry any added implications about plot.

Finally (and then I'll shut up and let you answer the damn poll): I'm first going to ask what you yourself consider to be a "spoiler", and then I am going to ask what particular details you generally avoid before experiencing a new show/movie/book/manga/whatever, whether or not you consider that information to be a spoiler. (i.e. You might not consider the titles of upcoming episodes of a TV show to be spoilers, per se, but you might avoid that information beforehand because you don't want to know anything about the shows before they air.) Then I'm going to ask again what information you consider to be "spoilers", only this time I am going to force you to make a choice, rather than giving you a lot of ticky boxes to check.

I will try to make these questions broad enough to apply to various forms of media around which fandoms form, but they'll definitely be heavily-biased toward television. If an item appears only to apply to a form of media which you yourself don't consume, then please think about whether or not you would consider that item to be a spoiler if you did enjoy that media type.

For the purposes of this poll, please only consider spoilers for media that has not yet been widely released for consumption by the public.

[Poll #1861769]

You know the drill: any and all discussion welcome in the comments. What lengths do you go to to avoid spoilers? What lengths do you go to to find spoilers? Any stories about the worst time you were spoiled? Which fandoms are notorious for spoiling people, and which have the extra-strict spoiler policies?

Also, feel free to pass the link to this poll on to any friends in fandom: the more data, the better. ;)
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Still time to prompt before we unleash the undead:

Prompting is going swimmingly over at [ profile] zombi_fic_ation! So many awesome prompts I want to see filled. (I'll do a rundown of ones I'm gunning for later in the week.) If you haven't contributed yet, you have another week to get your prompt in.

And now, inspired by a discussion at [ profile] fail_fandomanon, and one I've seen crop up many times in many places: Prompts and Prompting Etiquette.


As per usual, discuss in the comments!
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Once again, it's time to play: "What Would YOU Do?", the fantastic play-at-home webgame wherein I ask you, dear flist, to make my life choices for me.

No, I'm kidding! But I do want opinions.

I just discovered the "legacy story stats" feature at, because I am WAY on top of things. (Seriously, I don't know who designed their user interface and whether or not they have a deep-seated hatred for humanity, but DAMN is it hard to navigate when you want to post a story!) This feature lets you see which communities and collections your works have been added to.

Two of my Sherlock stories have been added to a community called "Non-Slashers Unite!" which is described thusly: (copy and pasted from the comm's description)

For those of you who don't like to read slash stories then I have a place for you! NSU is your place to find all stories that a) aren't slash, b) don't have really strong/prolific language, c) any sort of explicit sex scenes—m/m, f/f, m/f—, and d) some pretty awesome Sherlock fics! If any of a-c start to appear then it will be taken off and if you awesome readers find something we missed please let us know! If you don't want your stories put into NSU then please let us know and we will remove them! Thanks!

I have thoughts:

a. I do not remember being solicited to "unite" with anyone, and am disturbed to discover I have been "united" with this community for about five months. (They added my stories back in February.)

b. I am rather offended and also discouraged to find my stories are considered to be devoid of "prolific language". Hey buddy: my stories contain hundreds, if not thousands of words! Some of them three syllables even...

c. Is this homophobia at work?

Now, before I ask for your opinions, I would mention:

I don't find the idea of excluding slash (and only slash) from an archive to be necessarily homophobic, in and of itself. For me, it has more to do with the reason slash is excluded and the attitude that accompanies the exclusion.

I can also sympathize with the comm's desire for PG fare without explicit sex or language. (Though Mrs. Hudson does call Moriarty a "son of a bitch" in one of my stories.)

As far as I can see, this comm has not made any explicit judgment of slash, LGBTQ persons or relationships--they've simply stated "this is an archive for all that is not-slash". HOWEVER, if they are operating under the pretense that slash is "gross" or "wrong" or are projecting any implications other than "it's just not my personal preference", I do not want any part of it.

With all that in mind, what do you think? THE POLL. )

Any issues you want to raise, feel free to bring them up in comments. I'm especially interested to hear what people make of the general tone of this comm.

I tend to write mostly gen in the Sherlock fandom, with the odd bit of Molly/Moriarty thrown in. My stories are generally appreciated, but then I do also get a few Weirdos who think that because I write Sherlock and John as platonic friends I'm somehow morally opposed to the idea of them fucking. I'm not: I'm just not particuarly interested in reading or writing about it. I don't consider myself a Non-Slasher, but rather someone who tends to prefer other types of fic ahead of most slash fics. (The balance is rapidly shifting as regards Eleven/Rory though. But that's a whole 'nother fandom...)
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...tomorrow. In the meantime, I have a poll!

So I've mentioned here several times that I like to lurk/post on various anonmemes. The ones I've posted to are: [ profile] fail_fandomanon, [ profile] who_anon, and [ profile] eleventy_kink. (Oh, and I theoretically mod [ profile] concrit_anon, though it's pretty slow-goings there these days.) I've visited/perused others, but these are the ones I visit regularly. The set up. )

So, flist, help me out: What do you think? Detailed results are viewable to just me, and as always, feel free to be honest: I have a thick skin, and I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know. (For instance: you will never hear me ask if my ass looks fat in these pants, so don't tell me! :P)

[Poll #1755088]

(Feel free to share questions, concerns, and any points I might have missed in the comments. Also, a question I forgot to add to the poll: does [ profile] fail_fandomanon have a particular reputation in your fandom/circle of friends?)
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(Disclaimer: Dudes, I want your opinions, too. I know there's, like: two of you who read my journal regularly. But don't feel left out if it seems I'm only talking to the ladies!)

The subject has come up elsewhere, and it's been on my mind recently: what is femininity? Is it the traditional, stereotypical traits that have historically been prized in women? (And in whose history?) Has the definition evolved significantly over time, or are we still stuck in an antiquated frame of mind? Which qualities are absolutely necessary in order to be considered feminine, and which are optional?

Are you offended when certain traits, interests, or qualities are described as masculine or feminine? As for myself, whenever I've taken any sort of "Male or Female" brain test, I've always skewed slightly toward the masculine side of the scale. (Including when I took such a test in college as a research participant for credit in my psychology class.) It does bother me when people say I "think like a guy", but I do realize that when it comes to science, they're speaking about statistical norms, which I'm cool with, because I like math. :P (Even though, as a child, I got much more attention for my writing abilities than I did my mathematical skill.)

(If anyone else is interested in taking a test based on "male vs. female" brain science, here's a really good one from the BBC. Save it for when you have some time, though, as there are multiple parts. Though I do believe you can save each section as you finish.)

Oh, you just know there's going to be a poll... )

Also, I'd like to know: how well do you fit into (what you perceive to be) your culture's definition of 'masculine' or 'feminine'? What do you think of others who are unable to adhere to your culture's rules? How many of the differences between men and women come from biology, and how many are culturally constructed?

I'll provide my own responses once I've had some sleep!


May. 19th, 2011 08:18 pm
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One of my students puked today, and guess who got to clean it up? I'll spare you all the disgusting details, but let me assure you: they are disgusting and they are very detailed.

I'll tell ya, it really puts things into perspective: any day you don't have to clean up vomit is a pretty damn good day. Conversely, today...

Anyway. I need to start writing something again. Since waiting for inspiration to strike seems to be a bust, I've decided it would be best to force myself to work on something. And why not let my flist arbitrarily decide what that something should be? So, here it is: ANOTHER POLL! Oh, how I spoil you all...


[Poll #1743031]
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The POLL to accompany my post about languages. As usual, I cut myself off because I ran out of time, and not necessarily because I finished asking everything I wanted. So take note: there may be follow-up questions! XD

For the purposes of this poll, we will use the following definitions from Wikipedia, that bastion of academic rigor and accuracy: (Also see this article on multilingualism.)

Language fluency is used informally to denote broadly a high level of language proficiency, most typically foreign language or another learned language, and more narrowly to denote fluid language use, as opposed to slow, halting use.

Conversational means able to carry on a casual conversation, but not necessarily without halts in speech, or gaps in vocabulary.

Skip any questions that don't apply. Pretend that it's not weird I spend so much of my free time coming up with meaningless LJ Polls written in unneccessarily-academic language.


Please leave any details you're willing to share about your language abilities and experiences learning foreign languages in the comments below!
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Just a quick poll before I run off to work! Inspired by a gif someone posted on a friending meme and on a discussion thread elsewhere.

I have a general squick of anthropomorphism: assigning human qualities to animals and, occasionally, inanimate objects. How crazy am I? ("VERY!")

[Poll #1705746]
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A question, dear flist:

If you were running a spring fanworks fest, what would you name it? (Keeping in mind that I am likely to steal your answer...)

Quick poll:

[Poll #1681905]

Also: what other phrases/sayings can you think of that are about spring?

For some great Sherlock fic reading, here is a Masterlist of all the works produced for Sherlockmas's Christmas fanworks exchange. :D

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

Why is it not spring now??? I want to dig in my garden!!!
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You all realize that I see you as a ready pool of research subjects, don't you? I've spent far too long studying the social sciences. While I can appreciate the qualitative approach, when it comes down to it, I want DATA!

Feed me? Please???

The season of fic exchanges is upon us. This is my first year both writing fan fiction, and participating in these exchanges. While overall the experience has been fun, there's still some issues I'm trying to wrap my head around. Behind the cut I've compiled a poll about fanworks exchanges, and fic exchanges in particular. If you've participated in any at all ever, even as a spectator, I'd like to hear what you think. The results are viewable only to me, so feel free to be honest. (I'm not in a position to judge!)

Give the circle thingies a tick, and then we can have a lovely chat in the comments. :) What sort of exchanges do you do? Do you stress over them? Are you generally happy with your gifts, or do you get your hopes too high? Ever have a nightmare gift/recipient? Bad/good experiences? (I PROMISE SOME DAY I WILL WRITE A BOOK WITH ALL OF THE USELESS KNOWLEDGE I'VE TORTURED OUT OF YOU, MY DEAR FLIST! All shall not be for naught.) ;)

Zee poll! )

ETA: There's one more thing I'd like to get opinions on! Is MPreg something you need to warn for? I want to archive my 10, Donna, Jack fic, and warning for MPreg kinda ruins the ending. It works out fine here, where I can hide the warning under white text, and leave it up to sensitive readers to highlight for the warning if they're worried about being squicked, but that method wouldn't be an option in other places.

I know warning for MPreg is the convention in a lot of communities, but is that because it's a serious squick or because a lot of people just don't care for it? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
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So, Delicious is most likely going the way of the Dodo, and fandom is abuzz. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITHOUT IT?

I know that, in the months to come, a preferred alternative to the service is going to emerge, and fandom will all migrate there, and peace shall be restored. In the meantime, I don't want to mess around getting used to a new service if it's not going to stick. So, I've created a poll to gauge an idea of which new service people are leaning towards.

For a discussion of you options, [ profile] bookshop has a run-down of the current candidates here. Go and read the article, then come back here to vote! And if you know of anyone on your flist with an opinion, send them here to cast their vote: the more participants we have, the more valid the data!

[Poll #1657929]


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