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First, I should announce that there's roughly four hours left to offer a prompt for Spring Into Sherlock over a [ profile] sherlockmas. You don't have to plan on taking part in the fest to prompt, and I'd be extra-special-excited to see any of you offer up a suggestion!

Now, down to business: we are throwing a retirement party for my father next weekend. My mother has asked me to handle "the music". She seems to think that people are going to want to dance. I...don't know how I feel about this.

So I turn to you, my dear flist, for help: suggest some music I can play. Keep in mind: the crowd will be composed of an odd mixture of family, my father's co-workers, and friends of my parents, my brother, and myself. (Also keep in mind: though I love them, my friends have No Shame and will not be afraid to Get Freaky in a brightly-lit American Legion Hall filled with pizza, beer, and old people.)

I need songs for: dancing, mingling, and General Party Atmosphere. My mom likes Beyonce; my dad is a fan of The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Jazz. My brother listens to hardcore rap. I am going to get drunk off my ass and pretend the entire evening isn't happening.

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Thanks to everyone who offered an opinion on which name to choose. In the end, my all-wise all-knowing co-mod Miss [ profile] rachel2205 picked "Spring into Sherlock" as it most neatly captures the two elements we wanted to get across in our title: 'spring' and 'Sherlock'!

So I have created an incredibly-bright and (I hope) altogether eye-catching banner to spread the love! If you'd like to promote the fest to the Sherlock fans on your flist *hopeful smile* I've provided the banner code below!

(Oh, and if you're a member of [ profile] thegameison_sh: I'll promote this in the Team Sherlock comm, but if you're on another team and would be willing to share this banner on your team comm...)

(Look how happy he is! Won't you join us? :P)

Click the banner to get started or visit our FAQ for more info!

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A question, dear flist:

If you were running a spring fanworks fest, what would you name it? (Keeping in mind that I am likely to steal your answer...)

Quick poll:

[Poll #1681905]

Also: what other phrases/sayings can you think of that are about spring?

For some great Sherlock fic reading, here is a Masterlist of all the works produced for Sherlockmas's Christmas fanworks exchange. :D

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

Why is it not spring now??? I want to dig in my garden!!!
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I've finished setting up [ profile] concrit_anon, and it is GLORIOUS! It's filled with the sort of manic verbosity which is my specialty, and over-planned to the hilt. (Really, I put a lot of work into it! Job hunting, what job hunting?!)

Have a look:

[ profile] concrit_anon: the community for honest and constructive feedback!
(Click the banner to get started!)

And now (you knew it was coming!) I have a request:

Help me pimp my comm, receive a free gift! )

Thanks, guys, for putting up with me. I love you all. :D
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Sign-ups have started for [ profile] sherlockmas, the holiday Sherlock gift exchange I am helping [ profile] rachel2205 to mod. SIGN UP NOW for fun and good times! If you'd like to know what you're getting yourself into, here's a bit more info:

Expected fanwork quantities: (suggestions for what makes a decent gift size)
- A fanfic of at least 750 words
- Ten icons (distinct, not just 10 the same coloured differently or whatever)
- A wallpaper and journal header
- A fanmix with downloadable songs, track listing and cover art

You can offer to write a fic, do some fan art, make some icons, create a fanmix, or all of the above, but you will only be assigned one of those things! Also, you can ask to receive any of the above as well. (So, you could offer to write a fic, and request to receive a fanmix if you wanted.)

And now I'm on my way to fill out my sign-up form! If you have any questions, just ask! If you're squeamish about giving out your email address on the comm (as I TOTALLY AM), feel free to PM it to me and I'll make sure it gets passed on. (Just so you know, I will be locking my sign-up request, so you will need to join the comm in order to see it! Everyone else has the option to do the same.)

And be sure to pass the joy on to any Sherlock writers and artists you know who'd like to join in the holiday fun! ♥
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It's voting time again over at the Doctor Who Rory/Amy comm [ profile] she_is_to_me. This time around, there are seven fics in the running. If you're so inclined, won't you take the time to read these lovely entries and cast your vote? It's a small, newish comm that can always use the extra votes. Please and thank you very much! Oh, and

Happy Halloween!

It has occurred to me that assaulting my flist with gory pictures of me dressed as a zombie is maybe not so nice, soo...

Zombified!Amy can now be viewed behind this cut. )
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That may not be an appropriate subject title for a post, but it is my favorite lyric from Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. (It may be one of my favorite lyrics ever, I'm not gonna lie! The metrics, the alliteration...the macabre LOLs it inspires! ♥)

So the time is drawing nigh for Halloween--my most favoritest holiday of the year! I've already started working on my costume, bought goodies to hand out to my students, and now I would like to burn a fresh Halloween CD to take with me to parties and play for the Trick or Treaters.

So tell me, darlings: What are your favorite Halloween songs? What would you most like to see on a Halloween mix?

Please do include the obvious ones we've all heard and boogied to before, and the not-so-obvious ones I may not have heard of, or may not have associated with Halloween before but just fit like a glove!
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The first entry for [ profile] originalfic_las was due today, and I used my first skip. I just couldn't come up with anything! I promise, though, I will do better in the future. Promise.

In the meantime, I will be voting in this round, and you should, too! There are many good reasons to do so, not the least of which is all the AWESOME WARNINGS posted with the fic!

My attention was drawn to the warnings by the lovely [ profile] ladylovelace when she pointed out that one author chose to warn for: "a little language, gays (no slash)." GAYS! The author warned for GAYS! I'll have to lodge a complaint as soon as I finish laughing my ass off.

Here are some examples of the other high quality warnings on offer:

Mild innuendo
body horror
brief mention of drug lab
f/f relationships (if not your cup of tea, apologies)
The word 'shit'
hints at a male/male relationship
implied death

I'm sure most of these people are well-meaning and just trying to be safe rather than sorry, but seriously: what word do these people live in that they really think someone is going to be shocked and appalled at "mild innuendo"??? Haven't they ever been--oh, I don't know--on THE INTERNET before? There's a lot more than innuendo out there.

And what is 'body horror'? Is it one of those "if you have to ask, you don't want to know" type of things?

TWO MORE people warned for "teh gayz".

LOL at warning for "the word 'shit'". (But did they warn for the warning???)

We now have to warn for even the MENTION of death?

And adultery? Really?

Ay yi yi!
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Bah, I keep meaning to make this post and forgetting to do it!

So, for my Food & Culture class I have an assignment to prepare a recipe for a food that is new to me from a culture that is not part of my ethnic background. Here are some of the guidelines:

This project will provide you with an opportunity to prepare and try one new food that you have not previously integrated into your own diet and that is not a part of your cultural background.

Select a culture that is being studied in this course other than one that is a part of your own cultural background.

Using your textbooks and other resources provided to you through this course, e.g. "Notes" links; or a cookbook that contains recipes from the culture that you selected, locate a recipe that you find to be appealing and that you are willing to prepare and consume.

The only problem with this assignment is that I'm a bit of a foodie and have sampled and incorporated into my diet A LOT of foods from different cultures! I've regularly consumed organ meats, exotic vegetables, and just about everything that swims in the sea (tentacles, anyone?). I have ghee, tahini, tamari, oyster sauce, and sumac powder in my cupboards right now.

So, I'm asking for some suggestions for recipes that I could use to fulfill this assignment. To help out, my ethnic background is German and Polish, so those are out. I'm fairly familiar with a lot of different cultural foods, but just throw some suggestions at me! I don't mind if the dish is fairly confidant, as I love to cook.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


From AO3:
This work potentially has adult content. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content.

Um, AO3 darling...I WROTE that adult content!
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$15.00 at a consignment shop! Don't adjust your screen: those are 5 inch heels! ;)

I wanna make out with these shoes

They're Steve Madden, too; normally I don't care much about labels, but I hate it when secondhand shops charge you $12-$15 bucks for a cheap department store brand I could have bought on clearance for half as much.

ETA: since my Flist seem to be a knowledgable, learned bunch, I thought I would pose you all a question. I bought these shoes from a chain of secondhand stores called Plato's Closet. Does anyone know WTF the name means? Is it a reference I'm not getting? Is there a passage in the Republic where Plato sells one of his old togas for cash?

To keep this post from being completely shallow, a plea to all the audiobook fans!

I have an membership, and I get a free download every month. What should I go for this month? I always have a hard time deciding. So tell me: is there something out new that I should check out? An old favorite that's simply amazing? HELP!


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