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This is the "Who I Am" meme, snagged from [ profile] isisanubis, whom I have yet to properly say hello to. (HELLO!)

You save and post pics from the andthatswhoiam Tumblr that describe you. I skipped all the fandom-specific ones (well, mostly) and the TMI deep shit confessions (again...mostly!) The Tumblr is very focused on the feels of teenagerhood, and thus is likely to trigger a lot of self-conscious nostalgia. There were lots of "that's who I am" pics I wanted to find (I love science, I am confident, I am queer, I make stuff, I'm always on time, I do my best to avoid saying negative things about myself, I want other people to love me but not as much as I want them to respect me, etc.) and maybe I'll get around to making those some day.

In the meantime: a completely self-indulgent pictorial representation of various aspects of the person I call 'me'. )
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Today, my dad and I went to visit my aunt and uncle to help them harvest their grapes to make wine. It was a gorgeous day, and I had a great time. (Aided by much sampling of previous years' products!)

They have a nice little vineyard where they grow about 7 varieties of grapes; today we picked the three white ones. (La Cresent, New York, and Traminette) They call their label "Stray Dog", after all of the dogs they've taken in over the years. (You'll see one of them, Marnie, featured in the pics. The other dog they have now, Karma, I somehow didn't get a picture of!) They don't sell their wine, but they have won medals (including a double gold!) in the Indy International Wine Competition.

The vineyard was beautiful, and watching my cousin go through the process of making the wine was fascinating. It was a lovely way to spend a lovely day. Behind the cut, find a giant picpsam of the vineyard!

Vino! )
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It's seriously about time I spammed you all with vegetable porn. (And it has nothing to do with the fact that I have major re-writes due tomorrow, including an additional sex scene. *ahem*)



(Also: give me your best songs to write porn to. GO!)
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Or to blow them, rather. (All right, you can stop snickering now!) I finally gave blowing eggs (that is: removing all the whites and yolks while leaving the shell intact) a try, and it was surprisingly easy! If you'd like to give it a go yourself, here's the tutorial I used.

All of which is to say: I decorated Easter eggs today! And made some lovely holiday banners for all to use, if you're so inclined...

(click for larger version)

And the eggs:

More photographic evidence of my endeavors... )
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FINALLY I have a day off that coincides with the unusually early spring weather Michigan has been having. I spent a couple hours outside cleaning up the herb garden--trimming back the lavender, thyme, and the Greek oregano that seems to be harboring plans to take over the world. I also discovered that my strawberry pot, which I took very little pains to preserve last fall, made it through the winter, and both the strawberry plants and the orange mint I planted in it made it through the winter!

This was cause for celebration. Several glasses of Sauvignon Blanc in my belly and armed with a digital camera, I documented the happy-making arrival of spring in all its glory. :D (Warning: I was a bit tipsy, so the focus on some of the pics is...not great. Yep. Drunk and in the garden with a camera: the perfect way to spend a Saturday off!)

More evidence of an early spring... )

Happy Spring, and Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! ♥
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I made dill pickles today:

I also started the process of making bread and butter pickles. (They have to brine in salt and ice for 8 hours.)

And now, onto Who News. (Cut for those who don't care. Read more... )

Also: the magic chemical combination for instant happiness? Is apparently tea and chocolate.
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First and foremost, BUT THIS BOOK:

It contains a story written by none other than the fantastically talented [ profile] ladylovelace and is available in both paperback and Kindle form.

In garden news: I finally have little baby watermelons on my vines! I've been able to spot two so far, only slightly bigger than a jellybean, and that makes me very happy! Also making me happy are the seven pumpkins I have growing that are now about 1-2 lbs. each. While I am melting in the heat, the veggies are diggin' it, and all the plants are just full of new growth. Here's some gratuitous veggie pics: Read more... )

Things I am NOT happy about, gardenwise: the mildew, my arch-nemesis. END ROT! Ok, so I have seven pumpkins growing nicely, but none of the new little baby pumpkins are making it! They're rotting and falling off the vine before they get bigger than golfball-sized. It is epic sad! :( Various other forms of fungal wilt are striking my nutmeg melons (which otherwise have adorable little fuzzy fruits on them!) and the cucumbers. Everday I am ripping out a few feet of vine that have given up on life. And this FRIGGIN' HUMIDITY is torture!

Also also: more people need to play my game with me! It works thusly:
  • You give me the name of a color or an emotion.
  • I give you something that reminds me of or represents that color or emotion: a picture, a quote, a drabble, etc.
  • I give you a color or emotion, and then you do the same!

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There's a bandwagon? Well, I must jump on it!

A couple weeks ago, my friend convinced me to purchase this app called "hipstamatic" for my iPhone. It takes various cool/hip lens/film/photo effects and applies them to your digital photos. I downloaded it, but then never really sat around and played with it/figured it out. Well, now all the ladies at [ profile] pulped_fictions have the app and are making lovely picspams with it, SO NOW I MUST, TOO!

I'm still figuring it out, figuring out what lenses produce which effects, what film effects are my favorite, and how to produce different borders, etc. But I have discovered that if I shake my phone, the app gives me a random combination of settings, which is very fun for trying things out. So, behind the cut find a MASSIVE picspam of images from my backyard garden and my veggie plot. Also a couple random images of me, and my cat, whose permanent "cannot be bothered to deal with you" expression fits just perfectly with the hipster effect of the retro lenses!

Photos. Many. MANY. )

rantypants addendum: I know Flickr is supposed to be some poncey, artsy photo-sharing experience whatever, but it's still a damn photo hosting site, and I don't know why it's necessary for them to make it so damn difficult for me to find the direct URLs to my own damn photos and then demand I include a link to their website if I should ever decide to post my own damn photos elsewhere.

In conclusion: my own damn photos. :P
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Everything going on in the world of my garden! There are tiny little golf ball-sized pumpkins, and we should be harvesting yellow squash within a week. The chinese cabbage will take over the world, if I don't eat it all first!

Read more... )

In other plant news: Thursday's hail storms in Chicago have severely damaged the Garfield Park Conservatory. My friend actually works there as their director of family programs. It's a beautiful conservatory, with a massive collection of plants. The whole conservatory is devastated, with nearly all of the glass roofs laying in ruins and 80% of the plants damaged. It's closed until further notice.

If you can, please consider donating to help repair the damage! You can do so on their webpage.
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15 days meme

Day 01: Introduce yourself. List your likes and dislikes.
Day 02: Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day.
Day 03: Smile! We want to see your teeth today. Post a self-portrait.
Day 04: Share your favorite quote/song lyric.
Day 05: Share your favorite recipe.
Day 06: List 5 countries you'd like to visit.Read more... )
Day 07: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes. Read more... )
Day 08: Create a bucket list, whether or not your aspirations are rational.
Day 09: Describe your food consumption today.
Day 10: Share some of your current favorite tunes.
Day 11: List some of your favorite tumblrs.
Day 12: Set a goal.
Day 13: Provide the HEX code(s) of your favorite color(s).
Day 14: Post a Youtube video that makes you laugh/inspires you.
Day 15: Make a voicepost in another language besides your native one.

(Yes, I'm aware that I'm unable to follow the very simple rules of a one-a-day meme.)
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15 days meme

Day 01: Introduce yourself. List your likes and dislikes.
Day 02: Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day. Read more... )
Day 03: Share your favorite quote/song lyric.
Day 04: Smile! We want to see your teeth today. Post a self-portrait.
Day 05: Share your favorite recipe.
Day 06: List 5 countries you'd like to visit.
Day 07: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes.
Day 08: Create a bucket list, whether or not your aspirations are rational.
Day 09: Describe your food consumption today.
Day 10: Share some of your current favorite tunes.
Day 11: List some of your favorite tumblrs.
Day 12: Set a goal.
Day 13: Provide the HEX code(s) of your favorite color(s).
Day 14: Post a Youtube video that makes you laugh/inspires you.
Day 15: Make a voicepost in another language besides your native one.

Pictures! )

(Story time: my new journal layout has no marker selected for unordered lists, so they just appear as a block text. This displeased me, so I set out to change it. It took me about TWENTY MINUTES to figure out how to change the marker from "none" to "circle" in the style sheet, but I have done it! Hooray! /no1curr) (These are the moments when being OCD makes me want hit things, BTW.)
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If you missed it, I have a poll up about 'femininity', what it means, and how well you fit into the paradigm here. (Please don't tell me you all are finally getting sick of my incessant polling???)

The garden is pretty much all dug in and planted. All that I have left to do is build trellises for the pumpkins, squash, and melons. Here's what it looks like so far: (click to embiggen)

And now, a few things that sparked my discussion post on femininity: Read more... )

Well, rambly TL;DR post is...yeah, you know! Do share your thoughts, vote in the poll if you haven't, and...well, accept my kisses and hugs for being exceptional, regardless of your gender! :D
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Last night I had a dream that I got a job in a whorehouse. I've been stressing out lately about not having a full-time job, and how I'm going to be able to afford to go back to school, and blah blah blah, and what does my subconscious give me? "Hey, you could always be a whore!" Thanks, brain: that was extremely helpful.

I am totally not qualified to be a whore. Or a hairdresser. )

My mother and I are now swinging into full-scale GARDENING MODE, and this was our kickoff weekend. We went to Block's (a nursery with the best prices and selection on flats of annuals) and Detroit's Eastern Market to buy flowers, veggies, and herbs. Also, my perennial herb garden that I planted last summer is coming back, and looking gorgeous! (Minus a few comrades who didn't survive the winter. R.I.P. golden oregano, variegated sage, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and two lavendars.)

Here are some photos of what we've got going on. I whittled it down to the best pics, and spared you about a dozen views of my teeny tiny herb garden!

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I know it's spring and time to move onto spring vegetables, but there were some yummy-looking leeks in the grocery store the other day, and I couldn't resist! So here's a quick recipe:

Leek, New Potato, and Kale Bake

recipe )

Tomorrow, for my friend's graduation BBQ, I'm making an orzo pasta salad with marinated veggies. They had some GORGEOUS-looking eggplants at the grocery store: deep purple, and cream and purple-striped ones. I also bought some zucchini, yellow summer squash, a red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and some marinated olives and feta cheese. I think I'm going to add some oregano from the herb garden. What I can't decide is this: should I cook the veggies? How is eggplant raw? My instinct is to roast the veggies, but: before or after I marinate them? Hmm...conundrums.

(Good lord, is this journal boring! If it's not me complaining, it's me wittering on about food! When do I get my Old Lady badge?)

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I spent the afternoon puttering around in the garden. The cat accompanied me, and spent her time pretending to be a street-savvy Wild Animal. She very nearly went after a bumblebee who was working the hyacinths, but wisely decided he was out of her league.

I then went inside, and re-potted some of the seedlings I'd started that were getting too big for the starter trays. Remember the baby pictures I posted of my seedlings? Well, look at my pumpkins now: Trying to save flist space... )

I also have a FANMIX up at [ profile] sherlockmas. Check it out, and feel free to point and laugh at my taste in Angsty Chick Music. :P


Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout! Happy weekend, everyone. xx :D

And now, to work on the latest Music Battle Challenge from [ profile] evilhippo. This one is FIENDISHLY DIFFICULT: I must tell a story through my song choices, without repeating any artists!
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First, some miscellaneous bitching: I need a faster computer. I see no reason why I can't have 10 different tabs open in Firefox, two Notebook pages, a Word document, iTunes, Spider Solitaire, a few different folders, email, and still be able to edit photos in GIMP. I feel a big 'ol sulk coming on.

Anyway. My frustration with my computer's inability to develop superpowers means that I don't have a shiny, pretty graphic to advertise that:

Posting for Spring Into Sherlock over at [ profile] sherlockmas opens tomorrow! Super exciting, y'all: I'll have a banner eventually for anyone who wants to help promote, but in the meantime let me just say that I am very excited, and there are some fantastic submissions to the fest!

Now, since I can't edit the size of pics in GIMP at the moment, I'm going to resize these photos using the IMG tag. If it don't work in your browser: lo siento! (I'm sorry.)

"Oriental" Coleslaw with Peanut Sesame Ginger Dressing
(It's like cold sesame noodles, but with cabbage! And raisins...Mmmm...)

(I forgot to take a picture until it was almost all gone, so my apologies for the sloppiness of the presentation!)

recipe )

Photos of plants coming up in the garden. )

All right everyone: how was your weekend? Any miscellaneous bitching you want to get off your chest?
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It's beginning: that time of year where I bore my flist with endless garden shots! I'll start off the season with a peek at the seedlings I have started in my basement.

The first three pictures were taken with my iPhone. The last five were taken with my mother's new fancy-schmancy camera that has a macro lens and whatnot. At some point during the photo shoot, I managed to change the proportions of the picture size, so...yeah.

But wait! There's more! )

And as a reward for looking at my boring seedling photos, some spring icons:

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Sorry to make two posts within about an hour of each other, but I Had to Share. :P)

One of my mother's favorite hobbies is forwarding emails. (And making ridiculous animated photo greeting cards. How does she always manage to select the very worst pictures of me for these? HOW?? She sent me a Valentine's card, photo of me--all nostrils. Seriously, the camera was going right up my nose! My mother: "Did you get the card I sent you?" Me: "Yep." Mother: "What did you think?" Me: "I think you need to get a hobby that doesn't involve emailing me pictures of myself.")

But I digress. (Should be the name of this journal...)

My uncle forwarded to my mother some very obviously Photoshopped pictures of ICEBERGS supposedly taken in LAKE MICHIGAN. *facepalm* I think it's time my mother and I had The Talk again. ("Mom, you can't get believe everything that gets forwarded through the internet...")

So, enjoy: Icebergs in Lake Michigan! )
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It's coming it's coming IT'S COMING! SPRING! ♥ (And I am RIDICULOUSLY excited about it!)

The last few days have been filled with sunshine, blue skies, and 40+ degree weather. (Those of you who live in warmer climates--OH, HUSH! This is Michigan! When it hits 50, we're bustin' out the shorts and flip flops!) (Also: it's dropping back down into the 30s tomorrow, with 4 inches of snow by 7pm. BUT NO MATTER! The sun has had its effect: spring is coming again, and I couldn't be happier!)

I took the cat outside to explore this afternoon. She'd more or less forgotten what it was like to leave the house, and spent the first ten minutes walking around the patio in a circle and meowing at me, she was just so damn excited. Hell, I was excited, too! I spent the better part of an hour poking around the flower beds, checking for signs of life. I was eager to see which plants in my perennial herb garden survived the winter cold. It appears as if the lemongrass has died all the way back to the ground, but I don't know if it'll make its way back for another couple months. Ditto on the lemon verbena. The lavenders seem to have done well, and there's green beneath the snow on the oregano, sage, and the thyme. ♥

I also noticed several spring bulbs starting to come up after this week's thaw. I know better than to get excited over these first few shoots of green that poke their heads above the ground: this is Michigan, after all, and we have at least six weeks of surprise!frosts left until the spring flowers can safely emerge from their winter slumber. But still, that flash of green, that little reminder that the earth is coming back to life, is just so rejuvenating!

I planted the paperwhite bulbs one of my students gave me for Christmas, and spent the afternoon shopping for vegetable seeds. We get to pick out this summer's plot at the community garden on March 15. Things are happening!

Behind the cut, find gratuitous pictures of spring loveliness, and a photo mosaic of some of the fruit and vegetable varieties I'll be growing this summer: HERE BE GREEN A'PLENTY! )

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My final two entries for [ profile] pulped_fictions Holly-Day card challenge.

Merry Christmas Flist!

Ditty and one more card here. )
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Just wanted to share some pics I took today of Hines Park / the Rouge River when I was taking my brother's dog for a walk today. Even though I didn't have a proper camera and took them on my crappy Samsung, I think they came out pretty well...especially with a hyperactive shepherd/boxer mix pulling at me every time I stopped!

Also: PLEASE visit my last post and offer me a prompt, if you would be so kind! (It would be muchly appreciated!)

Un-doctored pics are behind the cut. )

All attempts at photographing the dog ended up in motion blur. Girl's got energy! :)


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