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Sign-ups for [ profile] yuletide are closed, and my alphabetized spreadsheet of Yuletide fandoms (based on this official spreadsheet) has been updated.

SO MANY fics I want to see written! (By someone other than me...or potentially me. But definitely SOMEONE!)
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Most people will not care at all about the contents of this post. Feel free to disregard! This is mostly for [ profile] eanor, who expressed some curiosity about how I do the matching for [ profile] sherlockmas's holiday fic exchange. It may be of interest to anyone else thinking about doing their own fic exchange. Or it might not. (As you all may have noticed, I am VERY SYSTEMATIC about certain things. This will be one of them. There are multiple spreadsheets involved. You have been warned.)

First and foremost, you should convince your friend [ profile] evilhippo to help you with the matching process, because she is a super matching genius with a savant-like talent for pairing people up to write fic. (She also makes a rather tedious task fun.) If you don't have an [ profile] evilhippo, I'm sorry: you're on your own!

Second, you need a deep and abiding love for Google spreadsheets. It is so much easier to organize these things with spreadsheets!

After that, the process is roughly this:

  • Spreadsheet all the info. At this point, I have three spreadsheets for this fest: a master, one for offers, and one for requests. The master is where I keep track of who has signed up, their email address, whether or not they've checked in, who they've been assigned to, who they are assigned to, etc. I like a spreadsheet, because I can sort by whatever category I like, to have the list sorted by participant, who has checked in/not checked in, who's offered to pinch hit, etc.

    The "offers" and "requests" sheets are what I use to do the matching. I put down participants' names, a link to the comment where they signed up to the fest, and the details of what they offered to write or requested to received: the category (slash, femslash, het, poly, gen), the rating(s) they're comfortable writing or receiving, characters, pairings, potential crossovers, and finally: a keyword summary of the kinks, tropes, and general details of fic they like to read or write. (Things like "casefic, domesticity, PWP, BDSM, fluff" etc.)
  • Once the spreadsheets are finished, it's time to do the matching! I don't match participants off just the spreadsheet: hippo and I use the spreadsheets to find potential matches, and then click on the link to the sign-ups to confirm that it's a good match.

    There's a general order that (I think) works for matching people up, as well as some things to keep in mind when matching:
    1. Try to match the difficult sign-ups first. In BBC Sherlock fandom, that's pretty much anyone who didn't request or offer slash.
    2. Plenty of people offer to write or receive gen, but few are actually enthusiastic about it. If someone is a gen-only writer, I don't want them to end up writing for someone who says they'll accept gen, but then only makes shippy prompts. It's just not fun if you feel like you're writing someone's last choice for fic. Same with people who request gen fic: I want to pair them with a writer who's happy to write gen.
    3. As for smut: about twice as many people will request smut as will offer to write it. It's a fact of life. So I want to make sure to match up people who want smut-and-nothing-but with people who are confident about writing porn.
    4. Beware the PG-13 cut-off. If a participant doesn't specify "any" for the ratings they're willing to read or write, they'll likely choose one side or the other: "G to PG-13" or "PG-13 to R". Since no one's actually sitting down with the MPAA guidelines and counting F-bombs to classify their fics, this is basically shorthand for "I prefer milder and fluffier" or "I prefer dirtier and/or more violent". Even though someone who offered to write "G to PG-13" is likely perfectly capable of writing a fic to please someone who requested "PG-13 to R", they might feel uncomfortable that their writing isn't "hardcore" enough to please their recipient. (The opposite can be true as well: a smut writer worried they can't produce a G-rated fic to please.)
    5. Certain tropes/kinks are super easy to match up: if someone says they like Mycroft/Lestrade and MPreg, and there's someone who's offered to write both M/L and MPreg, you're pretty much good to go. Same with crossovers: if participants have Molly/Moriarty and Good Omens in common, it's likely a match made in happen. It's good to put these matches together as you come across them.

  • [ profile] evilhippo and I talk to each in chat while we're matching. We tend to jump back and forth between sign-ups, and may have three or four matches we're actively seeking out at once. After awhile, you start becoming familiar with people and what they've requested.
  • When we make a match, we note it on both spreadsheets: on the "offers" spreadsheet under the "writing for" heading, and on the "requests" spreadsheet under the "assigned to" category. By sorting the list by these categories, we can see who has yet to be matched up.
  • It doesn't really get hard until you're down to the last third of participants, and you realize you missed someone who really, really wants Sally/Molly ageplay crossover fic with the Sweet Valley High books, and Oops! you've assigned the person who offered to write that to someone else.
  • Sometimes you have to re-match people you've matched up before.
  • Hopefully, you've left the easiest people (the ones who've made the broadest requests/offers) for last.
  • Somehow, despite best intentions, that doesn't always happen.

Once everyone's matched up, I send out an email telling everyone who they've got and provide them a link to their recipient's sign-up. I've only ever had one complaint about a match, and the complaint was totally justified: I don't know what I was thinking when I made that match.

Fortunately, the person I assigned myself to was a much better match for this person, and so it was a mistake easily fixed!

So, that's basically how I do matching. If anyone else has matched participants for a fic exchange, I'd be curious to hear about how you do it! (Also, if anyone else has made it this far: stories about matches you've been part of in the past. Horror stories. Matches made in heaven. Lay 'em on me!)
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Sign-ups for [ profile] yuletide haven't opened yet, but the "Dear Yuletide" letters post has already gone up. Oy!

Naturally, I'm curious about who's offering what. Luckily, [ profile] yuletide fans are awesome, and have organized all the letter information into a spreadsheet! (A huge task.)

I do find it a bit hard to navigate, though, as the sheet is arranged by user, in the order they posted their letter to this post. So, I made a new spreadsheet, which I can alphabetize by fandom.

It's basically the official spreadsheet (compiled by [ profile] adaptationdecay), but rather than list all of a person's requested fandoms with their username, each requested fandom has its own line (associated with the user and their posted comment). It's getting late and I have a feeling I'm making no sense.

BASICALLY: I got all OCD about [ profile] yuletide, and thought others would like to benefit from my obsession. So here's my spreadsheet. Use if you like. I'll keep it updated sporadically, as I have the time.


Aug. 16th, 2012 08:25 pm
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I've got a new comm, guys. (I know, I know: but it's a Doctor Who comm, and I've always wanted to have one of those!)

It's called [ profile] who_bop; the "BOP" stands for bisexual, omnisexual, pansexual. In the discussion on my last post with [ profile] rachel2205, I was reminded of how much I love bisexual characters in fic. There's just not enough of it. (In any fandom, really: but I'm only up to tackling one at a time, I think!)

So come one, Whovians: who's interested in such a project? Have a look around, tell me what you think. Join the damn thing and make me feel better about wasting all the time I did setting it up. ;)

And if you're feeling especially generous, help me spread the word by displaying my banner:

[ profile] who_bop: bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual. Click to visit!

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It is time, once again, for me to get my proverbial shit together. I have deadlines coming up, a challenge running at [ profile] pulped_fictions, a fic fest ending at [ profile] sherlockmas, a new campaign to edit, and social obligations to meet.

I need to be more organized and more productive.

*sigh* Anyone else have any motivation for me?
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apple-pathways's profile:
blah, blah, blah, send me a message, I don't bite!

New message from [username redacted]
are you sure you dont bite ;)

Flirty response from apple-pathways:
Hey, I always keep it safe, sane, and consensual! (So is that a request?)

LIVE CHAT from [username redacted]:
so I get to make requests?

Response from apple-pathways:
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So, I had a minor freak-out today and switched my journal over to "Friends Only" and locked down all my previously-public entries. Why did I do that? IDEFK. There were maybe one or two entries I hadn't locked that, in retrospect, I maybe should have, and for some reason I assumed there were TONS MORE, and since now I'm Twittering and Pinteresting and whatever-elsing all over the place, and people are starting to connect the dots between my various usernames I flew into DAMAGE CONTROL MODE and just locked the whole place down. I figured I'd lock it all, and then just unlock the stuff I want public.

Turns out something like 99% of my entries are perfectly fine for consumption by the general public, and the other 1% are TL;DR emotional freak-outs and/or me bitching about specific people in my life that don't really deserve to find out about it. (ALSO turns out that locking things down en masse is a whole hell of a lot easier than selectively unlocking entries.)

What does this mean for you, Gentle Reader? Um, well: bear with me and my crazy as I figure shit out and get this journal together. I've unlocked all my fic and recent memes and things, but if you come across something that's locked would like me to unlock it, let me know.

(Have I mentioned how exhausting it is being crazy? I mean: I can't even be consistently crazy. That would be fine! Instead, I have to be tormented by these ridiculous moments of sane reasoning. Pff, who needs it?!)

In other news: ICONS.

Right here! )

Are you on Twitter? I am totally on Twitter. (Though I do have a sneaking suspicion that I am Doing It Wrong.) Want to follow me? I am @AmyGaertner.

I'm also on Pinterest! Is anyone else on Pinterest? Check me out here: I have 3 boards: one Who-related, one for tagging public domain images I find around the interwebs, and one for stuff I just think is pretty. (Guess which pins of mine get re-pinned the most? Go on: guess!)

If you have an iPhone, I'm on Instagram as well. My username is amoamare.

OH! And if you have recommendations for people/boards/whatever to follow on said services, lay 'em on me!
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Is there a national Punch a Banker In the Face Day? (And if not, can it be today?)

So, my personal funds have dwindled rather low lately. For a while, I had a tiny cushion of money from my savings that I could use to cover any surprise expenses, but that cushion has completely deflated.

Despite being very, very careful about the money I spend, I managed to overdraw my checking account this month while waiting for my paycheck to clear. Overdrawn about $5.00. Of course, by the time the bank was done with me, they'd managed to charge me 3 overdraft fees of $37.00 each.


So, the Patronizing Git told me they'd send in a request to the Mountain Fortress to have my fees reduced, and the Well-Meaning-But-Useless Girl offered to call me once they get a decision.

Fortunately, I will be spending the evening tonight with friends where I will be able to drown my frustrations in wine and cheese. Huzzah!

ETA: What do you know? As I was writing this entry, I got an email from my Jessica. She's a close friend of mine from college, and is now an attorney living in Santa Monica. She's visiting Michigan next month for her birthday, and her email suggested going to The Whitney for dinner. (She also said "I know it's not cheap, so it's no worries if we need to find something a little less expensive, but I think it would probably be worth the experience and ambiance.") Now: do I suck it up, save up some money, go and order the cheapest entree (roasted zucchini, $19) OR plead my poverty and wonder if she wouldn't mind choosing something a little cheaper?

I think I need to calm down from my Bank Rage before making a decision. :P

UPDATE! Also ETA: The bank called back, and they are refunding me $52.00. Why that amount? I have no idea--I just took it an ran! I'd go out and celebrate, but then: they're just giving me back money that was mine to begin with and they had no right to in the first place. :/


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