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So, I am determined to actually make a bingo for Kink Bingo, and to facilitate that end, I am taking advantage of their multi-fanworks policy.

To wit: ICONS! (To fill the square "Tattoos / Tattooing".)

1, 2, 3

But wait, there's more! )

I won't be sharing this on the kink bingo comm until I have a completed bingo. In the meantime, I may make some more icons and/or continue fussing with these.

My question for you: which are your five favorites? Which five do you think I should include in my final set?

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SO CUTE! So I made her some icons, from this Radio Times photoshoot.

And a few random fairy tale icons I forgot I made:

As always, snag and use if you're so inclined, I am not picky about crediting, and concrit is more than welcome.
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So, I had a minor freak-out today and switched my journal over to "Friends Only" and locked down all my previously-public entries. Why did I do that? IDEFK. There were maybe one or two entries I hadn't locked that, in retrospect, I maybe should have, and for some reason I assumed there were TONS MORE, and since now I'm Twittering and Pinteresting and whatever-elsing all over the place, and people are starting to connect the dots between my various usernames I flew into DAMAGE CONTROL MODE and just locked the whole place down. I figured I'd lock it all, and then just unlock the stuff I want public.

Turns out something like 99% of my entries are perfectly fine for consumption by the general public, and the other 1% are TL;DR emotional freak-outs and/or me bitching about specific people in my life that don't really deserve to find out about it. (ALSO turns out that locking things down en masse is a whole hell of a lot easier than selectively unlocking entries.)

What does this mean for you, Gentle Reader? Um, well: bear with me and my crazy as I figure shit out and get this journal together. I've unlocked all my fic and recent memes and things, but if you come across something that's locked would like me to unlock it, let me know.

(Have I mentioned how exhausting it is being crazy? I mean: I can't even be consistently crazy. That would be fine! Instead, I have to be tormented by these ridiculous moments of sane reasoning. Pff, who needs it?!)

In other news: ICONS.

Right here! )

Are you on Twitter? I am totally on Twitter. (Though I do have a sneaking suspicion that I am Doing It Wrong.) Want to follow me? I am @AmyGaertner.

I'm also on Pinterest! Is anyone else on Pinterest? Check me out here: I have 3 boards: one Who-related, one for tagging public domain images I find around the interwebs, and one for stuff I just think is pretty. (Guess which pins of mine get re-pinned the most? Go on: guess!)

If you have an iPhone, I'm on Instagram as well. My username is amoamare.

OH! And if you have recommendations for people/boards/whatever to follow on said services, lay 'em on me!
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It's beginning: that time of year where I bore my flist with endless garden shots! I'll start off the season with a peek at the seedlings I have started in my basement.

The first three pictures were taken with my iPhone. The last five were taken with my mother's new fancy-schmancy camera that has a macro lens and whatnot. At some point during the photo shoot, I managed to change the proportions of the picture size, so...yeah.

But wait! There's more! )

And as a reward for looking at my boring seedling photos, some spring icons:

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Slightly less drunk now! (Gonna have to fix that...) Which means I can handle a table script to show off the new icons I made!!!


Cute animals ahoy! )

If you'd like to use one, I'M THRILLED, go for it! All images taken from We♥it.
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First, exciting news: my story Where Two Paths Cross tied for first place in the second challenge at [ profile] she_is_to_me! This was my first challenge, so I am over the moon. I know it was a small challenge, but I have so much respect for the talent over there, I am counting this as a big win. :) Thanks to everyone who voted for me! ♥

On a recommendation from [ profile] doctoreleven I requested Lost in Austen from the library. The rec was made in a thread celebrating the works of Alex Kingston, and from what I could tell from what I was able to watch, she was awesome in it; but she couldn't save it for me.

I had a problem right away. In the opening monologue describing her life, the protagonist says, "I know I sound like a loser, but I do have a boyfriend!" ?!?! SERIOUSLY?! It's only made worse when we discover that the boyfriend is a stereotypical heel and Not Good Enough For Her, and she STILL uses his existence to justify her life. Why would a movie pandering to fans of Jane Austen be so unabashedly insulting to them?

So I didn't make it far into the movie.

Saturday, I went to the Dancin' On the Street festival in Detroit for The Heidlberg Project. (If you've never heard of the Heidelberg Project, it's a rather bold, and controversial, art and activism project in Detroit.) It was a ton of fun, and I'll post some pictures once I get them from my friend.

Finally, I've picked my first watermelon of the season and made some Sherlock icons for the [ profile] bakerstreaders comm.

Garden pictures and icon set behind the cut... )


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