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The sleep/wake button on my iPod broke on the drive home from work today, which means I have been forced to listen to the radio, and therefore subjected to the WORST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD in recent memory.

E.T. by Katy Perry.

Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT is it bad! And the worst part: they play the damn thing every fifteen minutes on damn near every station! This is, I think, the stupidest part (though it's a tough call):

I know a bar out in Mars
Where they driving spaceships instead of cars1
Cop a Prada spacesuit2 about the stars
Getting stupid ass straight out the jar3
Pockets on Shrek4, Rockets on deck
Tell me what's next, alien sex5
I'ma disrobe you, than I'mma probe you6
See I abducted you, so I tell ya what to do
I tell ya what to do, what to do, what to do7

1 Duh...
2 Yes, that's who I want designing my spacesuit: not NASA scientists with their MIT degrees, their knowledge of conditions in a vacuum, their technical know-how--no, I want PRADA! *massive eyeroll*
3 ?
4 ??
5 What about alien foreplay?
6 Oh, fun...
7 Yeah right.

There's also this gem:

You're so supersonic

Yeah, I'm not sure "faster than the speed of sound" is a quality to brag about in a lover...

I could go on, but I'll spare you all the rest of this nonsense. But if you'd care to play along at home, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: Name a song even stupider than Kanye and Miss Katy's attempts at Cosmic Love.

Or, you know: just gripe about this song, music in general, or tell me something awesome you're listening to right now that I can add to my iPod after I go to the Apple Store tomorrow and they make it all better!
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They're like this evil dictator that rules over concertgoers and turns awesome, reasonably-priced $15.00 tickets into $23.00 tickets. UGH!

Can someone explain to me the difference between a "convenience fee" and an "order processing fee"??? And why, exactly, it costs Ticketmaster $4.00 to process my tickets when I print them out my own damn self 30 seconds after paying for them???

*sigh* I'm going to see Bell X1 in June at The Ark. They're a band that I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see under other circumstances, but I love that venue so much, I'll see just about anybody there! It's a non-profit music venue in Ann Arbor, really small and intimate, great atmosphere, and just a really chill and lovely place to see bands! They host a lot of folk music, and smaller less-well-known bands. The Ann Arbor Folk Festival I went to back in January was a fundraiser for this venue.

I probably should have asked my friend who's going with me to go down there and buy the tickets in person to save some fees, but she's in the last few weeks of her grad school program and quite busy. (Also, she's a notorious procrastinator at the best of times, and I don't want the tickets to sell out! Bell X1 is a larger band than they usually host at The Ark, and they don't have a whole lot of seating, so I wanted to be safe.)

Anyway, I think it will be a great show! And by the time I go, I will have forgotten all about how Ticketmaster ripped me off. D:

In other news: DAMMIT I REALLY WANT TO SEE THE DECEMBERISTS! (I was supposed to see them in February, but the show was snowed out and rescheduled for this last Friday--the night I had tickets to see the Pixies!) Becca was telling me all about the show, and it sounded like SO MUCH FUN! And she recorded seven minutes of video of them playing The Mariner's Revenge Song, complete with audience participation/roleplay, and guh--life is not fair! Whoever rescheduled that show for Friday is seriously on my shit list!

And now I will stop complaining about my Very Hard Life, going to concerts and spending money I don't have. :P HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!
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Left my phone at the grocery store this morning. Spent the entire afternoon at work muttering to myself, "What was I just doing?" Overscheduled with TWICE the number of students I should have at once. Traffic jam on the way home. Messed up the rice for my dinner--too much water, too mushy. 20 minutes searching for a lightbulb for my lamp. Cannot properly operate gchat.

But--MINI-VACATION STARTS TOMORROW! All packed for Chicago. Just have to break it to the kitty there isn't enough room in the suitcase for her.

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I had a minor twinge of agoraphobia in Dick's Sporting Goods today. I went there because I need a new combination lock, and I thought they might have a larger selection than the local hardware store. And I had time to kill. PANIC AT THE DICK'S )

Funny kid, irritating kid: a fine line. )

Going to Chicago this weekend! I'll be visiting my friend Kelly and her new family, my friend Cassie, her husband, and their 6 month old baby Ella, and Miss [ profile] evilhippo, my lovely Queen of All Things Meta and Surreal. (We'll work on the title.) The plan is to do the museums and just catch up with friends, but if there's anything super fun or super special I should check out while I'm there, do let me know.

Now, four songs I've had on constant repeat lately: Musique! )


Mar. 16th, 2011 08:39 pm
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I want one of those rubber message bracelets that says, "CTFO". It's a message that people need to hear.

To the mother who sends weekly email updates about which multiplication problems her eight year old has been missing on his assignments: CTFO.

To the father who brought in a six page printout of his son's quarterly math skills evaluation that I guess I'm just supposed to read in my spare time: CTFO.

To the kids who can't remember to raise their hands rather than shouting my name across the room: CTFO. (Also: I am CHANGING MY NAME and not telling you what the new one is!)

To the obnoxious drivers who need to cut me off in traffic in order to be just one car length closer to the light at the intersection. To the over-caffeinated yuppies who race me to the door at Starbucks and then let it slam in my face. To the "wacky" cashier at the grocery store who calls me by my first name, criticizes my choice of beverage, and then says "Toodles!" when I leave. And, finally: to myself. This is the kind of crap that life is made of, and you don't normally let it bother you.


ETA: Chill The Fuck Out :P
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Add this to the list of Wedding To-Dos: miraculously cure sudden outbreak of acne on my chin! ("Too old for acne medication, but too young for wrinkles?" When is this magic age, O Condescending Cosmetics Advertisement???)

And it's back to work today. They've cut my Tuesday hours, and trimmed off 15 minutes from my other days, which just seems petty. Oh, the joys of working for an hourly wage!

In other news, iTunes 'Genius' function, which automatically compiles playlists of my music for me, may just have changed my life. However, with the amount of information Apple needed to collect in order to activate it, combined with all the data Google already has about me, I'm pretty sure Corporate America knows a hell of a lot more about me than my own family. (I was raised by a man who believes the Peace Corps is a front for the CIA and that the FBI keeps files on all its citizens library and movie rental habits; a certain amount of paranoia comes standard issue.)

(Oh, and I am working on my playlist for [ profile] evilhippo, who offered me a counter-challenge for our ongoing string of Music Battles! She is SO MUCH BETTER at coming up with categories than I am, and this one is really fun, so I'll offer it up to everyone who might want to participate in the fun:

New Year's resolutions, the musical! At least three songs you yourself would be willing to sing in response to "What is your resolution this year?" ^_^

Other things that may have changed my life: Pickwick Dutch Tea Blend, from the ever-so-lovely [ profile] voltaires_vice. Three cups today already...

As much as I love tags, it really does strike me as quite absurd that I have one for "griping", as if there would ever be a need for it. As if someone would be reading my journal, and think, "Gee, I wonder if there's a way I could go back and read EVERY SINGLE THING AMY HAS EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT? Oh look, there is!!!"
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So, I threw a minor tantrum in a clothing store today. I think the tantrum itself was justified; it was just staged in front of the wrong audience.

A tale of retail woe in which I am CRAZY, in PUBLIC, AGAIN! )

I'm pretty sure going back to apologize made me seem even crazier than my temper tantrum did to begin with, but what else is new? Just a side effect of KEEPIN' IT REAL, YO! ;)
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I am still sick. The cough is a bit better, but still there, and I have a head full of snot and a low-grade fever. I went to the doctor today, though, and I now have anti-biotics and an inhaler. Whee!

Other than coughing and blowing my nose, I will be spending the weekend finishing my research paper on the internet's influence on human sexuality. It's a review of literature, which means I find articles to support my hypothesis and then summarize, analyze, and critique them. Good times.

The professor for the class--doesn't seem to be completely with it, though. The specifications for the paper call for 8-10 articles and a total of 8-10 pages. Now, that isn't a maximum, but still: I have written up two articles so far for a total of 6 PAGES! IN 10 PT. FONT. And I haven't even written an introduction or conclusion for the paper, either.

I honestly can't see how I could whittle it down and still include all of the information she wants. I have no problems with turning in a 20+ page paper; I JUST DON'T WANT TO WRITE IT! I WANT TO LAY ON THE COUCH AND WATCH MY NEW SERIES 5 DOCTOR WHO DVDS! (I also want to whine and stomp my feet like a little child. Pardon me.)

Ugh...I am going to have to find a way to cover these articles in under two pages, or I may not survive the weekend.
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More or less, that is. Well, not really...but I am seriously sick of being sick.

This cold or whatever it is is working totally backwards. My colds usually progress in a predictable linear fashion: sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, cough. This one started with cough, and is now working its way through "head full of snot" with the sore throat phase beginning tonight at work. Oh, and last night I had a coughing fit that lasted for about 20 minutes. My cat kept coming back to check and see if I was done so she could eat her food in peace.

Since I feel like a pile of sludge, I've made an extra effort to look nice at work, to distract everyone from the fact that I appear to be carrying The Plague. (Have you ever seen some dying of the Black Death in mascara? I don't think so!) "Never mind the horrific, hacking cough! My hair smells FANTASTIC!)


Tomorrow I spend the entire day on campus and cap it all off with the Epic Three Hour Lecture of Suck. We should find out our grades from our second exam. I wonder what he'll do if a lot of people did poorly again. MAYBE THIS TIME HE WILL BUY EVERYONE A PONY!
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First, I have to say that there will always be a place in my heart for, as it's one of the places where I first discovered fan fiction. There's a still a lot of awesome stuff there; it just can be really hard to find. (I tend to find an author I enjoy, then read all of their stuff and everything they've favorited. That tends to work.)

Anyway. I have an account there, and most of my (non-porn) stories end up there. The thing is, I'm used to posting my Amy/Rory Doctor Who fics, which are posted and then largely ignored. {We won't even go into how cranky I get when my stories that include The Doctor get more hits on AO3 than my (better-written, I think) Amy/Rory fics.}

Sherlock is an entirely different animal.

It hadn't occurred to me to put my first Sherlock fic for [ profile] thegameison_sh up there, but when I was archiving my latest entry today I thought, why not? So I put both "Strange Bedfellows" and "Almost Anyone" (formerly called "Of Death and Dying") up yesterday.

"Almost Anyone" got two very lovely, very thoughtful reviews. I was pleasantly surprised, and responded right away to thank them. All good.

"Strange Bedfellows"? I don't know what is going on there. It's gotten about 10 "story alert" subscriptions, and the following reviews:

Cut, because I feel a rant coming on... )
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Today I wore a pair of shoes that I've worn about a million times in about a million different situations, but today somehow they have morphed into The Evil Ballet Flats of Razor Blades and Pain. I now have blisters on my right little toe, and on the back of both of my heels.

I still hate my Complex Organizations lecture. I can't wait until we get the evaluations for the course. "Dear Professor: your lectures made me want to self-harm."

Book Meme Days 04-07

Who wrote this meme? They seem to be asking the same question over and over again. I'll briefly touch on the next four days.

meme-y goodness lies within )

Now I must compose a Sherlock fanmix for [ profile] thegameison_sh! (Weren't we just talking about this, [ profile] evilhippo? Any other suggestions? Could I steal the ones you already gave me?)
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  • Writer's block is a bitch.
  • My ass hurts. (The parking on campus sucks, and there is no finding a spot where I don't have a 15 minute uphill walk to class. I'm not really complaining about the walk, since I need the exercise, but the boots I was wearing have worked ass muscles that were not ready for the wakeup call they got.)
  • The financial aid office is pissing me off. Any OTHER hoops I have to jump through to get my loan before you pile on ANOTHER late fee?
  • I seem to have arranged a dinner party that features three happy couples, and ME! The single friend! (I hope to God my only single friend that lives in the area is going to be free that night.)
  • Along those lines, I may have a date soon! (We're working out details.) His name is Jeremy, and he's in social work. (There are men in social work?! GET THE FUCK OUT!)
  • I love how slow work is right now; I don't ever have more than three students at a time. It's GLORIOUS! My bosses are freaking out, though; that's not so good.
  • I forgot my keys to the building and had to call my boss to let me in. *facepalm*
  • Other than my keys, I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something, ALL THE TIME. I may be losing my mind. (Again.)

So, how are y'all???

I've decided to edit this entry rather than create a new one, because I just found a 30 Day Book Meme on [ profile] rewindclunkplay's journal and...BOOKS! You guys know I have to do this, right?

Enable me... )
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First, exciting news: my story Where Two Paths Cross tied for first place in the second challenge at [ profile] she_is_to_me! This was my first challenge, so I am over the moon. I know it was a small challenge, but I have so much respect for the talent over there, I am counting this as a big win. :) Thanks to everyone who voted for me! ♥

On a recommendation from [ profile] doctoreleven I requested Lost in Austen from the library. The rec was made in a thread celebrating the works of Alex Kingston, and from what I could tell from what I was able to watch, she was awesome in it; but she couldn't save it for me.

I had a problem right away. In the opening monologue describing her life, the protagonist says, "I know I sound like a loser, but I do have a boyfriend!" ?!?! SERIOUSLY?! It's only made worse when we discover that the boyfriend is a stereotypical heel and Not Good Enough For Her, and she STILL uses his existence to justify her life. Why would a movie pandering to fans of Jane Austen be so unabashedly insulting to them?

So I didn't make it far into the movie.

Saturday, I went to the Dancin' On the Street festival in Detroit for The Heidlberg Project. (If you've never heard of the Heidelberg Project, it's a rather bold, and controversial, art and activism project in Detroit.) It was a ton of fun, and I'll post some pictures once I get them from my friend.

Finally, I've picked my first watermelon of the season and made some Sherlock icons for the [ profile] bakerstreaders comm.

Garden pictures and icon set behind the cut... )


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