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There's a bandwagon? Well, I must jump on it!

A couple weeks ago, my friend convinced me to purchase this app called "hipstamatic" for my iPhone. It takes various cool/hip lens/film/photo effects and applies them to your digital photos. I downloaded it, but then never really sat around and played with it/figured it out. Well, now all the ladies at [ profile] pulped_fictions have the app and are making lovely picspams with it, SO NOW I MUST, TOO!

I'm still figuring it out, figuring out what lenses produce which effects, what film effects are my favorite, and how to produce different borders, etc. But I have discovered that if I shake my phone, the app gives me a random combination of settings, which is very fun for trying things out. So, behind the cut find a MASSIVE picspam of images from my backyard garden and my veggie plot. Also a couple random images of me, and my cat, whose permanent "cannot be bothered to deal with you" expression fits just perfectly with the hipster effect of the retro lenses!

Photos. Many. MANY. )

rantypants addendum: I know Flickr is supposed to be some poncey, artsy photo-sharing experience whatever, but it's still a damn photo hosting site, and I don't know why it's necessary for them to make it so damn difficult for me to find the direct URLs to my own damn photos and then demand I include a link to their website if I should ever decide to post my own damn photos elsewhere.

In conclusion: my own damn photos. :P
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Last night I had a dream that I got a job in a whorehouse. I've been stressing out lately about not having a full-time job, and how I'm going to be able to afford to go back to school, and blah blah blah, and what does my subconscious give me? "Hey, you could always be a whore!" Thanks, brain: that was extremely helpful.

I am totally not qualified to be a whore. Or a hairdresser. )

My mother and I are now swinging into full-scale GARDENING MODE, and this was our kickoff weekend. We went to Block's (a nursery with the best prices and selection on flats of annuals) and Detroit's Eastern Market to buy flowers, veggies, and herbs. Also, my perennial herb garden that I planted last summer is coming back, and looking gorgeous! (Minus a few comrades who didn't survive the winter. R.I.P. golden oregano, variegated sage, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and two lavendars.)

Here are some photos of what we've got going on. I whittled it down to the best pics, and spared you about a dozen views of my teeny tiny herb garden!

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Last night I told an intruding stranger to piss off (in politer terms than that) when he decided to come up to my friend in a restaurant and tell her how to handle her dog. Thank you, Cesar Fucking Milan, but we're not interested in your lecture course. I just hate blowhard men who think everyone's just dying to hear their expert opinion on absolutely everything. (When he lit up a cigarette, I was oh so sorely tempted to offer him some free condescension advice on how he should quit.)

(For what it's worth, it's not my friend's dog: she's watching it for a couple months. She has no experience with dogs, and I knew it was a bad idea to bring it to the restaurant. After I scared off the Dog Whisperer, she drove the little yapper home so everyone could eat in peace.)

We've started buying annuals for the house. My mom is crazy into container gardening, and loves making elaborate pots for the patio. Me, I'm much more into the herbs and vegetables: the stuff that's ugly, but useful! I bought a little four pack of dill.

I'm going to get the rest of the herbs I need when we go out to Eastern Market tomorrow. It's a huge farmer's market in downtown Detroit, and it is SO MUCH FUN! The market itself is full of about 5 tents worth of vendors, and the area is surrounded by fun shops and yummy restaurants. There's outdoor BBQ and street performers, and it's just a good time! I like looking for unusual mint varieties to plant and dry for tea. Last year I had chocolate, orange, lemon, apple, peppermint, and Kentucky Colonel Mint, which is a spearmint variety: it's GORGEOUS, and smells OH SO good! Very delicious for mojitos and other mixed drinks: I like a sprig in my vodka lemonade.

My father and I have started making plans to build trellises for my pumpkins, melons, and squash. We went out to Lowe's to look at wood and do some pricing, and the man who worked there was actually able to talk to me about what I needed as if I were a competent, thinking adult! HOORAY for restoring my faith in men, Random Lowe's Employee! ♥

Happy weekend, y'all. What's up with you?
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I know it's spring and time to move onto spring vegetables, but there were some yummy-looking leeks in the grocery store the other day, and I couldn't resist! So here's a quick recipe:

Leek, New Potato, and Kale Bake

recipe )

Tomorrow, for my friend's graduation BBQ, I'm making an orzo pasta salad with marinated veggies. They had some GORGEOUS-looking eggplants at the grocery store: deep purple, and cream and purple-striped ones. I also bought some zucchini, yellow summer squash, a red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and some marinated olives and feta cheese. I think I'm going to add some oregano from the herb garden. What I can't decide is this: should I cook the veggies? How is eggplant raw? My instinct is to roast the veggies, but: before or after I marinate them? Hmm...conundrums.

(Good lord, is this journal boring! If it's not me complaining, it's me wittering on about food! When do I get my Old Lady badge?)

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I spent the afternoon puttering around in the garden. The cat accompanied me, and spent her time pretending to be a street-savvy Wild Animal. She very nearly went after a bumblebee who was working the hyacinths, but wisely decided he was out of her league.

I then went inside, and re-potted some of the seedlings I'd started that were getting too big for the starter trays. Remember the baby pictures I posted of my seedlings? Well, look at my pumpkins now: Trying to save flist space... )

I also have a FANMIX up at [ profile] sherlockmas. Check it out, and feel free to point and laugh at my taste in Angsty Chick Music. :P


Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout! Happy weekend, everyone. xx :D

And now, to work on the latest Music Battle Challenge from [ profile] evilhippo. This one is FIENDISHLY DIFFICULT: I must tell a story through my song choices, without repeating any artists!
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It's days like this that confirm that autumn is my favorite season! Cool, crisp sunshiney weather! Delicious!

In celebration, here are some pics taken in my front yard:

yellow butterfly bush, Japanese maple, and maple tree from front yard

I love our maple tree--the tree in the background, next to the street. You'll notice that one half of it is flaming orange and yellow, and the other half is green and just beginning to turn orange; this is because there are actually two trees growing squished together so they look like one!

More fall joy... )
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A couple weeks ago, I was driving home from work, and I thought to myself: it feels like fall. At first, I couldn't understand why I thought that, because the weather was 90 degrees and humid as hell, and all the trees and plants were still green (and brown from the heat).

Then I realized: it's the position of the sun. The northern hemisphere is on the downswing of its tilt, and we're going to be plunged back into winter soon.

So, here are some parting shots of the flower and herb gardens; there's not much left that's healthy and blooming, so I'll have to enjoy it while I can!

First: a beautiful peach-colored zinnia.

peach zinnia

More here... )


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