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Most people will not care at all about the contents of this post. Feel free to disregard! This is mostly for [ profile] eanor, who expressed some curiosity about how I do the matching for [ profile] sherlockmas's holiday fic exchange. It may be of interest to anyone else thinking about doing their own fic exchange. Or it might not. (As you all may have noticed, I am VERY SYSTEMATIC about certain things. This will be one of them. There are multiple spreadsheets involved. You have been warned.)

First and foremost, you should convince your friend [ profile] evilhippo to help you with the matching process, because she is a super matching genius with a savant-like talent for pairing people up to write fic. (She also makes a rather tedious task fun.) If you don't have an [ profile] evilhippo, I'm sorry: you're on your own!

Second, you need a deep and abiding love for Google spreadsheets. It is so much easier to organize these things with spreadsheets!

After that, the process is roughly this:

  • Spreadsheet all the info. At this point, I have three spreadsheets for this fest: a master, one for offers, and one for requests. The master is where I keep track of who has signed up, their email address, whether or not they've checked in, who they've been assigned to, who they are assigned to, etc. I like a spreadsheet, because I can sort by whatever category I like, to have the list sorted by participant, who has checked in/not checked in, who's offered to pinch hit, etc.

    The "offers" and "requests" sheets are what I use to do the matching. I put down participants' names, a link to the comment where they signed up to the fest, and the details of what they offered to write or requested to received: the category (slash, femslash, het, poly, gen), the rating(s) they're comfortable writing or receiving, characters, pairings, potential crossovers, and finally: a keyword summary of the kinks, tropes, and general details of fic they like to read or write. (Things like "casefic, domesticity, PWP, BDSM, fluff" etc.)
  • Once the spreadsheets are finished, it's time to do the matching! I don't match participants off just the spreadsheet: hippo and I use the spreadsheets to find potential matches, and then click on the link to the sign-ups to confirm that it's a good match.

    There's a general order that (I think) works for matching people up, as well as some things to keep in mind when matching:
    1. Try to match the difficult sign-ups first. In BBC Sherlock fandom, that's pretty much anyone who didn't request or offer slash.
    2. Plenty of people offer to write or receive gen, but few are actually enthusiastic about it. If someone is a gen-only writer, I don't want them to end up writing for someone who says they'll accept gen, but then only makes shippy prompts. It's just not fun if you feel like you're writing someone's last choice for fic. Same with people who request gen fic: I want to pair them with a writer who's happy to write gen.
    3. As for smut: about twice as many people will request smut as will offer to write it. It's a fact of life. So I want to make sure to match up people who want smut-and-nothing-but with people who are confident about writing porn.
    4. Beware the PG-13 cut-off. If a participant doesn't specify "any" for the ratings they're willing to read or write, they'll likely choose one side or the other: "G to PG-13" or "PG-13 to R". Since no one's actually sitting down with the MPAA guidelines and counting F-bombs to classify their fics, this is basically shorthand for "I prefer milder and fluffier" or "I prefer dirtier and/or more violent". Even though someone who offered to write "G to PG-13" is likely perfectly capable of writing a fic to please someone who requested "PG-13 to R", they might feel uncomfortable that their writing isn't "hardcore" enough to please their recipient. (The opposite can be true as well: a smut writer worried they can't produce a G-rated fic to please.)
    5. Certain tropes/kinks are super easy to match up: if someone says they like Mycroft/Lestrade and MPreg, and there's someone who's offered to write both M/L and MPreg, you're pretty much good to go. Same with crossovers: if participants have Molly/Moriarty and Good Omens in common, it's likely a match made in happen. It's good to put these matches together as you come across them.

  • [ profile] evilhippo and I talk to each in chat while we're matching. We tend to jump back and forth between sign-ups, and may have three or four matches we're actively seeking out at once. After awhile, you start becoming familiar with people and what they've requested.
  • When we make a match, we note it on both spreadsheets: on the "offers" spreadsheet under the "writing for" heading, and on the "requests" spreadsheet under the "assigned to" category. By sorting the list by these categories, we can see who has yet to be matched up.
  • It doesn't really get hard until you're down to the last third of participants, and you realize you missed someone who really, really wants Sally/Molly ageplay crossover fic with the Sweet Valley High books, and Oops! you've assigned the person who offered to write that to someone else.
  • Sometimes you have to re-match people you've matched up before.
  • Hopefully, you've left the easiest people (the ones who've made the broadest requests/offers) for last.
  • Somehow, despite best intentions, that doesn't always happen.

Once everyone's matched up, I send out an email telling everyone who they've got and provide them a link to their recipient's sign-up. I've only ever had one complaint about a match, and the complaint was totally justified: I don't know what I was thinking when I made that match.

Fortunately, the person I assigned myself to was a much better match for this person, and so it was a mistake easily fixed!

So, that's basically how I do matching. If anyone else has matched participants for a fic exchange, I'd be curious to hear about how you do it! (Also, if anyone else has made it this far: stories about matches you've been part of in the past. Horror stories. Matches made in heaven. Lay 'em on me!)
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Dearest author: you have offered, out of the pure goodness of you heart, to write a lovely, femslashy fic for a complete stranger. And you have offered to write in one of my chosen fandoms! Clearly, you are a person of quality and impeccable taste. I'm excited already!

Within, find details of what I like in general, and some ideas of what I'd like to see for specific pairings.


girls who like girls... )
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Snagged from [ profile] tracy7307 & others.

Because (as we all know) I am familiar with roughly 3 fandoms, I will open this up and let you pick any pairing from any fandom, provided it's something I can google. (If you do want to pick a canon I'm familiar with, you might try browsing my icons. I do Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Hunger Games, Austen, Room With a View, lots of other classic lit, ummm...X Files... *brain runs out of potential fandom names*

ANYWAY! The meme is executed thusly:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing that I'm familiar with, and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College

(I have the day off tomorrow, so come on: load me up some fuel for procastination!)
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After making my tattoo icons, I sort of tapered off working on my card.

Since I have decided to write m/m for my "never done this before" entry for [ profile] pulped_fictions's "Over the Bar" challenge, I thought this a perfect time to dust off the card and get cracking.

While I stare at the squares and think about sexy situations involving manbits, tell me: how's everyone else doing with the challenge?

Also, if anyone has a plot bunny to share, DO! Here's my card:


Aug. 16th, 2012 08:25 pm
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I've got a new comm, guys. (I know, I know: but it's a Doctor Who comm, and I've always wanted to have one of those!)

It's called [ profile] who_bop; the "BOP" stands for bisexual, omnisexual, pansexual. In the discussion on my last post with [ profile] rachel2205, I was reminded of how much I love bisexual characters in fic. There's just not enough of it. (In any fandom, really: but I'm only up to tackling one at a time, I think!)

So come one, Whovians: who's interested in such a project? Have a look around, tell me what you think. Join the damn thing and make me feel better about wasting all the time I did setting it up. ;)

And if you're feeling especially generous, help me spread the word by displaying my banner:

[ profile] who_bop: bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual. Click to visit!

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I have signed myself up for kink_bingo.

I'm thinking of just little drabbles here and there, and nothing overdone or ambitious. (I will prove that I am capable of limiting myself in scale and not getting in over my head!)

So, anything jump up to anyone? Any requests/prompts for a particular square? Scenarios you'd particularly like to see?

I mean: we all like to talk about kink, right? :P
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Snagged from [ profile] venivincere, pretty much immediately. (Fic and stats? Oh, be still my heart! ♥)

Top 10 By Hit Count: )

Top 10 By Kudos: )

It's nice to see that "Two Rivers" topped the kudos list, as it's definitely one of my favorite pieces of fic I've ever written--probably that one, and "Almost Anyone" are, I think, my best works.

Other works I am really fond/proud of but which failed to chart are a lot of my Amy/Rory stories. In particular, I really like Where Two Paths Cross and I Thought of You. (I also really like The Woman She'll Turn Out To Be, but it's kidfic, and I am forever alone in my love of kidfic. :P) These probably didn't make the list because of the relative un-popularity of Amy/Rory. (Any Doctor Who fic I write that includes the Doctor, even in a cameo role, automatically gets twice the hits. Le sigh.)

Also interesting to note: my most popular fic on LJ is, by far, Lightning Fast, and it has yet to receive a single kudos on AO3! Who'da thunk?

{Also, it occured to me while compiling this list: I have written many, many fills for [ profile] eleventy_kink, and have made a grand total of three prompts. (Two of them just the other night when I was tipsy and in need of a social outlet.) Someone, somewhere, owes me fic!}

/self-indulgent self-indulgency
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I feel so accomplished today. I cleaned and vacuumed my bedroom, did laundry, spent an hour and a half on the phone and the internet figuring out my student loan situation, finished adding all the new zombie prompts to the database, and pimped [ profile] zombi_fic_ation out to a couple comms. (I also showered, but never mind! Now I'm just bragging. :P)

Last item on my agenda before I head off to tutor: pimp the zombie prompts that MUST BE WRITTEN!

First, have a banner: click it to add your own prompts to the fest!

And now: THESE PROMPTS NEED HOMES! Won't you lend a hand? List of prompts I'm dying to see filled: )

Want to fill one of these prompts? Mark your calendar for Monday, April 23 when prompt claiming opens.

Want to add an idea for your fandom? Get thee to the prompt post!
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Still time to prompt before we unleash the undead:

Prompting is going swimmingly over at [ profile] zombi_fic_ation! So many awesome prompts I want to see filled. (I'll do a rundown of ones I'm gunning for later in the week.) If you haven't contributed yet, you have another week to get your prompt in.

And now, inspired by a discussion at [ profile] fail_fandomanon, and one I've seen crop up many times in many places: Prompts and Prompting Etiquette.


As per usual, discuss in the comments!
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Because I won't be around tomorrow to harrass remind you all, just wanted to say:

Prompting for [ profile] zombi_fic_ation's fic fest starts tomorrow!

Be sure to watch and/or join the community so you won't miss it. :)

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April 8, the dead will rise at [ profile] zombi_fic_ation

Running a ZOMBIE FIC FEST with [ profile] kel_reiley: multi-fandom, and original fiction, too. Anybody have any ideas for where to pimp this thing? And if you're willing to help promote, please snag a banner from behind the cut: THE CUT )
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I'm warning everyone now: if Katniss/Haymitch becomes a thing, there will be much sulking and gnashing of the teeth going on in the vicinity of this journal!
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Oh wow, I missed you all! How is everyone? Any exciting weekend plans?

Nothing much on my part. I've submitted my first original story for publication, so that's out of the way! (I don't have my hopes up for getting published, but it was nice to break the ice, right?)

The rest of this weekend, I need to finish all the music mixes I signed up for, and slap some polish on my [ profile] femgenficathon entry. (At least it's written! It...doesn't go anywhere...but it's written!)

I've got my two entries for [ profile] sherlockmas's Summer of Sherlock done and emailed to Rachel. (I am kind of wondering who the hell I am anymore, finishing all of this stuff ahead of deadlines...I think I have the chatroom to thank!)

So how's tricks? Wanna link me to something fun/funny since I don't have much going on this weekend?

ETA: For interest, and my own reference, here's the prompts I'm working on the for the music mix exchange: Read more... )
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So, I'm writing a fic, and I need to know:

There's a game we play in the US called chicken fight. (According to that Wikipedia article, it is also called Cherry Drop, Shoulder Wars, or Darling Pickie.) It's played at the beach or in a pool. It consists of two teams of two people each: one team member sits on the shoulders of the other team member, and tries to knock their opponent off the shoulders of their teammate.

It's generally played with a girl on the shoulders and a guy down below, and often signals the beginning of Sexy Pooltime Shenanigans. (Or at least that's how it's been used in my experience. I've also played with all girls, but that also tends to lead to shenanigans.)

Here's a video, if you still don't know what I'm on about:
(WARNING: Video is accompanied by Obnoxious Adolescent Commentary!)

So the question: do you have this in the UK? (Or anywhere else?) What is it called? (Oh, and before you accuse me of being lazy: I plan on doing a Google search and trolling through the usual American-to-Britspeak blogs when I get back from work, but it's a bit obscure, and I thought maybe someone could help me out in the meantime!)

Americans: what are your experiences of the game? What do you call it?


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