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Snagged from [ profile] tracy7307 & others.

Because (as we all know) I am familiar with roughly 3 fandoms, I will open this up and let you pick any pairing from any fandom, provided it's something I can google. (If you do want to pick a canon I'm familiar with, you might try browsing my icons. I do Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Firefly, Hunger Games, Austen, Room With a View, lots of other classic lit, ummm...X Files... *brain runs out of potential fandom names*

ANYWAY! The meme is executed thusly:

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing that I'm familiar with, and I'll tell you something about the story I'd write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College

(I have the day off tomorrow, so come on: load me up some fuel for procastination!)
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I don't know how I manage it, but I tend to steer well clear of the major wank surrounding the Doctor Who fandom without even really trying. Sure, I come across people who didn't like a particular episode, character, or plot point, but largely, it's just your general "talking about a show I like" kind of critical analysis.

What I do come across, though, is the aftermath: basically the sane, rational Who fans of my flist and the comms I frequent alluding to major unrest in the camps. Most recently: some fans being so enraged with recent episodes, they felt justified in sending threats and copious vitriol in the direction of Stephen Moffat's Twitter account, and to any friend who had the audicity to defend him. (Including, I have heard, to Caitlyn Blackwood, the 12 year-old child actress who plays the young Amy Pond? Please tell me this isn't true. I do not want to believe that cretins who find it appropriate to harrass a child have come within a million miles of my beloved fandom!)

The thing is, I'm not really sure what everybody's enraged about, or what the nature of the abusive comments that allegedly caused Moffat to leave Twitter were about. I'm curious, so if anyone with a strong stomach could link me to some of the discussion dealing with the whole debacle, or point in the right direction, I'd be appreciative.

(Please note: no, it's not that I didn't see anything wrong with the show's attempts to portray 'strong' women, queer characters, people of color, motherhood, or committed relationships. I did. It's also not that I don't find these issues worth discussing or think they shouldn't be called out when they occur. I do! In fact, I get very angry when fans are quick to shout, "If you don't like the show why do you keep watching it??" when other fans try to point out these issues, because you can both like a show and recognize its problems, and being a fan of Doctor Who doesn't mean I have to abdicate my critical faculties and just accept whatever sexist/racist/homophobic/whatever tripe that it shoves in my face.

What it comes down to is this (and these are my personal feelings, and not my prescription for how others should behave or feel): while I don't like everything about this show, I love a lot of it. Nothing that's portrayed on the show is any worse than the crap I have to put up with in my daily life. I'm going to stop here before I say something along the lines of "it doesn't bother me, so it shouldn't bother you", but I will note that while it does bother me, it doesn't often get in the way of my enjoyment.

This is the bit that I am directing at everyone else: threats and harrassment are not OK. The end.)

ETA: When looking for an explanation for the major unrest in the Doctor Who fandom, I thought, "Wait, I know a place I used to frequent that often discusses the more unsavory side of the fandom: [ profile] who_anon! It was there, I came across this thread, which seems to contradict a lot of the accounts I've read about the whole affair. (I shouldn't be surprised to learn that there are two sides to every story.)

It seems fans are/still were being unpleasant, but in ways that are generally more socially acceptable. (Or at least, if not socially acceptable, then certainly less criminal.) The harrassment may not be on the level some have reported, and there is no mention of threats.

As always, anything heard through the fandom grapevine should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is one account from Tumblr that claims the person who harrassed Caitlin Blackwood was a single individual, of her own age, who apparently took a stage class with her. I don't know how accurate that information is.
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I was reading a post today about the recent official announcement of the airdate for Doctor Who's 7th series premiere. (September 1st!) On it, I came across a discussion of the lengths to which a fan went to stay unspoiled, and it included details and sources I never would have considered spoilers. And it made me wonder: does fandom at large generally agree on what constitutes a "spoiler"?

I'm very aware that the conventions concerning the treatment of "spoilers" can vary widely across fandoms and different forms of media. So I'll ask participants to think generally and to answer based on what you yourself think, rather than the general consensus of any particular fandoms in which you participate.

I'm also aware that certain details might be considered more or less spoilery based on context. For example: casting news that an actor who plays a recurring character is returning vs. general casting news for new, unknown characters or news that filming will return to a previously-used location (indicating that a storyline that took place there might be revisited) vs. general news about filming locations. In those cases, please assume that the provided details are only general information, and don't carry any added implications about plot.

Finally (and then I'll shut up and let you answer the damn poll): I'm first going to ask what you yourself consider to be a "spoiler", and then I am going to ask what particular details you generally avoid before experiencing a new show/movie/book/manga/whatever, whether or not you consider that information to be a spoiler. (i.e. You might not consider the titles of upcoming episodes of a TV show to be spoilers, per se, but you might avoid that information beforehand because you don't want to know anything about the shows before they air.) Then I'm going to ask again what information you consider to be "spoilers", only this time I am going to force you to make a choice, rather than giving you a lot of ticky boxes to check.

I will try to make these questions broad enough to apply to various forms of media around which fandoms form, but they'll definitely be heavily-biased toward television. If an item appears only to apply to a form of media which you yourself don't consume, then please think about whether or not you would consider that item to be a spoiler if you did enjoy that media type.

For the purposes of this poll, please only consider spoilers for media that has not yet been widely released for consumption by the public.

[Poll #1861769]

You know the drill: any and all discussion welcome in the comments. What lengths do you go to to avoid spoilers? What lengths do you go to to find spoilers? Any stories about the worst time you were spoiled? Which fandoms are notorious for spoiling people, and which have the extra-strict spoiler policies?

Also, feel free to pass the link to this poll on to any friends in fandom: the more data, the better. ;)
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(I conceived of this article when planning for my own comm's holiday fic exchange. I thought, instead of writing a ridiculously long FAQ, why not put all of the optional guidelines I wanted to include in one easy-to-link article?

If you'd like to link to this article, go for it. And don't forget to include your own tips and experiences in the comments!)

So, you’ve signed up for a fandom exchange! This is going to be great, right?

Well, unless you end up with a recipient who makes only one, super-detailed prompt that outlines the entire fic for you and doesn’t leave you any room to be creative.

Or you don’t get a prompt at all! One of those people who insists they “love everything” and would be happy with whatever you turn in! (As if that’s a help...)

Or the person assigned to write for you hates your OTP!

Or they’re known for writing super-explicit slash, and you only read gen!

Or the mod’s cat/grandmother/cat’s grandmother suddenly gets swine flu and they disappear off the face of the earth!

Or...well. You get the picture. There’s a lot to stress over! But don’t worry, most if not all of those scary fandom scenarios can be avoided with just a bit of crafty thought on your part! The rest? Well, it’s in the hands of the gods. Err...mods. :P Take a deep breath, and read this guide! )

Do you have ideas for how I can improve this article? In the comments, please share your own tips for surviving and thriving in fandom exchanges! Give me your successes and horror stories, your glories and tragedies...

Also, do you have a resource I should link to this article? Let me know!

ETA: And if you have recommendations for fests or exchanges that you've participated in the past, send them along! If I get enough, I'll do a "fest rec post". :D
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It's something I've been thinking about lately: that even though I get tired of the wank, and the arguing, and the accusations of bigotry/scrambling for the 'more progressive than thou' brownie points--I'm actually grateful these discussions go on in fandom.

I started thinking about this when someone at [ profile] fail_fandomanon made the edifying comment: "It's men who start wars: women are more sensible than that." And rather than +1 and LOL and giggle and sigh and say "Oh, those men!": women actually disagreed! The giant pile of anonymous gender police who jumped on the thread to respond was probably (definitely) overkill for such a naive and ridiculous comment, but by the time the fourth person mentioned "gender essentialism" I was suitably impressed. Because outside of my own academic experiences and this journal, I'm never privy to a conversation where someone can mention the term "gender essentialism" and assume that people following along will know what they're talking about.

In my own life, I have very intelligent and liberal friends, but still I find myself sucked into conversations based on the premise "But I like it when my husband opens the car door for me." (And for the record: you are allowed to like it, and he is allowed to do it. Feminism is not about who opens doors and who crosses their legs and who does the weekly shopping. It's not about the door: it's about gender roles, and learned helplessness, and this fallacy that women can't take care of themselves when men are around. What matters is not whether he wants to open the door for you or not, but whether he buys into those stereotypes or not, and to what degree. The point is, basically: that door-opening is not a reliable marker of quality in males. In short: forget about the door! It's not about the goddamned door!)

Fandom can be an impossible and frustrating echo chamber of wank and disagreement, but at least these discussions are going on! Sure, unreasonable shouty people get an unfair advantage in the debate, but amidst the endless sturm und drang at least these ideas are out there.

I'm glad that slash writers are called out for ignoring women and fetishizing gay men, and that het writers are called out for ignoring LGBTQ people and perpetuating misogynist stereotypes. I'm glad that while people are complaining about the awkwardness of gender neutral pronouns, gender neutral pronouns and when to use them is being discussed. And asexuals. And POC. And global tragedies. And appropriating cultures. And fetishes. And any measure of stereotypes and hot button issues I'd have to go out of my way to seek out in my offline life.

Do I agree with all of the arguing that goes on? Do I think that it doesn't occasionally do more harm than good? No. But I truly, honestly appreciate that it's out there. I just wish I knew a better way to drag it out into my offline life.
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I made dill pickles today:

I also started the process of making bread and butter pickles. (They have to brine in salt and ice for 8 hours.)

And now, onto Who News. (Cut for those who don't care. Read more... )

Also: the magic chemical combination for instant happiness? Is apparently tea and chocolate.
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Once again, it's time to play: "What Would YOU Do?", the fantastic play-at-home webgame wherein I ask you, dear flist, to make my life choices for me.

No, I'm kidding! But I do want opinions.

I just discovered the "legacy story stats" feature at, because I am WAY on top of things. (Seriously, I don't know who designed their user interface and whether or not they have a deep-seated hatred for humanity, but DAMN is it hard to navigate when you want to post a story!) This feature lets you see which communities and collections your works have been added to.

Two of my Sherlock stories have been added to a community called "Non-Slashers Unite!" which is described thusly: (copy and pasted from the comm's description)

For those of you who don't like to read slash stories then I have a place for you! NSU is your place to find all stories that a) aren't slash, b) don't have really strong/prolific language, c) any sort of explicit sex scenes—m/m, f/f, m/f—, and d) some pretty awesome Sherlock fics! If any of a-c start to appear then it will be taken off and if you awesome readers find something we missed please let us know! If you don't want your stories put into NSU then please let us know and we will remove them! Thanks!

I have thoughts:

a. I do not remember being solicited to "unite" with anyone, and am disturbed to discover I have been "united" with this community for about five months. (They added my stories back in February.)

b. I am rather offended and also discouraged to find my stories are considered to be devoid of "prolific language". Hey buddy: my stories contain hundreds, if not thousands of words! Some of them three syllables even...

c. Is this homophobia at work?

Now, before I ask for your opinions, I would mention:

I don't find the idea of excluding slash (and only slash) from an archive to be necessarily homophobic, in and of itself. For me, it has more to do with the reason slash is excluded and the attitude that accompanies the exclusion.

I can also sympathize with the comm's desire for PG fare without explicit sex or language. (Though Mrs. Hudson does call Moriarty a "son of a bitch" in one of my stories.)

As far as I can see, this comm has not made any explicit judgment of slash, LGBTQ persons or relationships--they've simply stated "this is an archive for all that is not-slash". HOWEVER, if they are operating under the pretense that slash is "gross" or "wrong" or are projecting any implications other than "it's just not my personal preference", I do not want any part of it.

With all that in mind, what do you think? THE POLL. )

Any issues you want to raise, feel free to bring them up in comments. I'm especially interested to hear what people make of the general tone of this comm.

I tend to write mostly gen in the Sherlock fandom, with the odd bit of Molly/Moriarty thrown in. My stories are generally appreciated, but then I do also get a few Weirdos who think that because I write Sherlock and John as platonic friends I'm somehow morally opposed to the idea of them fucking. I'm not: I'm just not particuarly interested in reading or writing about it. I don't consider myself a Non-Slasher, but rather someone who tends to prefer other types of fic ahead of most slash fics. (The balance is rapidly shifting as regards Eleven/Rory though. But that's a whole 'nother fandom...)
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Trailer for the new RDJ Sherlock Holmes movie coming out in December:

As action movies go, it looks good; as a part of the Sherlock Holmes canon? Uh, no no no... (I'm still going to see it, natch.)

So, what does everyone think? Should they even bother to use the Holmes name for this franchise anymore? (Or am I Wrong and Need To Be Told?)
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I have claimed my prompt for [ profile] sherlockmas's "Summer of Sherlock" ficathon! It is:

River Song, River Tam, John Watson; DOCTOR WHO and FIREFLY xover: Shooting gallery at a summer fair.

This may be my first time writing a crossover. I don't usually write them because I'm not familiar with that many canons, but here's a prompt that combines Sherlock, Doctor Who, AND Firefly! It had to be mine. :P

If you'd like to claim a prompt of your own: follow this link! (If you're not sure which one to pick, I'll you which ones were mine so you can claim them. ;)

And remember how I said I was going to take all of your book recs and compile them into a spreadsheet? Well, I have! There was some interest from others in sharing it, so here ya go: follow me!

One of these days, I'd love to host a book rec swapping meme-type thing: where people can ask for recommendations for certain genres/types of books, and people can post stray recs. Is there any interest for something like that?
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This is taken from [ profile] fail_fandomanon in a thread about "annoying fanon taken as canon":

Oh, in Sherlock fandom there's so much of that going on. A few examples:

- Sherlock being asexual.
- Sherlock being or having been a cocaine (or any drug) addict.
- Sherlock hating the way his own brain works ("too much noise" and the like; I blame wordstrings for this. She's very good writer, but I don't like her take on Sherlock, and I really don't like her take being accepted by large parts of fandom).
- Sherlock being a sociopath (yeah, I know he says so himself, but that doesn't make it true).
- Mycroft not really caring about his brother.

*forehead slap*

An exercise in futility, in which I take on this comment point-by-point. )

/end Sherlock-specific bit

All of this brings me to my topic for discussion: what is canon? How attached are you to the 'facts' of the media you enjoy? Do you like it when the source material mixes it up and plays with canon, or is a foolish consistency the hobgoblin of your little mind? (I know it is of mine...)

Where is the line between canon and fanon?

Also: Do you have bits of fanon you find annoying, or that you actually like better than canon?

As for my own personal favorite bit of fanon: see icon!
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Hey, do you guys know what day it is? No, not Mother's Day. (Though it technically is...) To be honest, if you do know you're one step ahead of me...

It's the LAST DAY of [ profile] sherlockmas's Spring Into Sherlock Fest!!!

I...didn't quite realize it was the last day until I started typing the date "May 8" and remembered that voting was supposed to start May 9. You see, I thought there were 30 days for the festival, though I'd only scheduled it for 28. Oops! So, there's a whopping six new works up on the comm now, and I'm postponing the start of voting until May 10.

One of the works that went up today is my own. So, yeah: have a look if you're so inclined:

Name: Amy ([ profile] apple_pathways)
Type of work: fic
Category: Gen.
Title: “And Back”
Prompt(s) used: Sherlock has the head of Orpheus in his refrigerator.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Themes of loss and mourning. A severed head.
Notes/Acknowledgments: Much thanks to [ profile] sabriel75 and [ profile] evilhippo for the encouragement and company while writing this story. And thanks to everyone who took part in Spring Into Sherlock, for making this festival such a good time!
Summary: "A tragic widow, a severed head, and a rather unsettling view of the afterlife--all discussed over tea."

"And Back", over at [ profile] sherlockmas.
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I've now watched each of the first two episodes of the new season twice. I have Questions and Concerns. I would like to know if other people share my questions and concerns, and if they have any clever speculation they'd like to share as to the answers. Let me know your thoughts! But please: NO SPOILERS FOR UPCOMING EPISODES!

Cut for those who haven't seen the new series yet. )

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Bashfic / Character bashing.

It's banned from nearly every fic exchange. It's against the rules in most communities. If you want to speak ill of a show or its characters, you're going to have to start your own comm dedicated specifically for that purpose. Fans are so scared of the ramifications for speaking negatively about a fandom's characters or canon, they retreat to memes where they can bitch about the things they don't like under the cover of anonymity. You'll see "character bashing" listed as a squick alongside cannibalism, incest, and noncon.

Why such a strong reaction?

Nearly everyone can agree that the Negative Nellys who just can't resist the urge to slip in a snide remark everytime their least favorite character is mentioned are annoying. But what about the fans who need to "defend" a character's virtue everytime they detect a real or imagined slight? Some fans just cannot psychologically deal with people who disagree with them about how the canon should be interpreted, and the general fandom opinion seems to be that they shouldn't have to. And what I want to know is: why shouldn't they?

(Or am I totally off the mark, and most fans' negative view of character bashing attaches to the wank that it eventually stirs up and not the bashing itself?)
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Click the banner to get started or visit our FAQ for more info!

YAY PEOPLE ARE PARTICIPATING IN OUR FEST! [ profile] rachel2205, my fearless co-mod and Light of my LJ, has offered to write my Molly/Jim "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf" prompt, and someone else is writing my Jim/Molly "Hades/Persephone" prompt! Life is good.

For anyone who missed my last post: we are throwing a retirement party for my father. I am In Charge of Music. Please list:

Songs you would be willing to boogie to in the company of your parents and their friends.

(Oh, and for anyone else who ever needs DJ advice: [ profile] ladybracknell is surprisingly knowledgable! It's true: there is nothing she can't do!)
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Click the banner to submit a prompt, or visit our FAQ for more info.

Open prompting for [ profile] sherlockmas's 'Spring Into Sherlock' fanworks festival has begun! If you're familiar with the show, stop on by to offer up a prompt.

And if you're willing (please?), here's the banner code to share the news with the Sherlock fans on your flist:

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You are the Seventh Doctor
You are the Seventh Doctor
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are very smart and have a certain amount of fashion sense, except you always carry an umbrella. You are attracted to jail bait, but genuinely care for them as a parent. You enjoy bursting into places as if you own them and quickly becoming the center of attention. You also enjoy reading, especially mysteries and get excited when danger is near. You are not someone anybody would want to cross. After your last teen-aged companion dies horribly, you will get caught in the crossfire of a gang war.

Snagged offa [ profile] housemaid79.

This description is eerily accurate, except for the part about the umbrella. I always forget to bring an umbrella!
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Thanks to everyone who offered an opinion on which name to choose. In the end, my all-wise all-knowing co-mod Miss [ profile] rachel2205 picked "Spring into Sherlock" as it most neatly captures the two elements we wanted to get across in our title: 'spring' and 'Sherlock'!

So I have created an incredibly-bright and (I hope) altogether eye-catching banner to spread the love! If you'd like to promote the fest to the Sherlock fans on your flist *hopeful smile* I've provided the banner code below!

(Oh, and if you're a member of [ profile] thegameison_sh: I'll promote this in the Team Sherlock comm, but if you're on another team and would be willing to share this banner on your team comm...)

(Look how happy he is! Won't you join us? :P)

Click the banner to get started or visit our FAQ for more info!

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This is my entry for the [ profile] sherlockmas fic exchange, for [ profile] proxydialogue, who asked for some dark humor and a bit of psychologizing. I hope this fits the bill!

Title: "Experiment and Observation"
Characters: John and Sherlock
Rating: Mature teen?
WARNINGS: drug use
Word Count: 1,800
Acknowledgments: Much thanks to the deliciously thorough [ profile] evilhippo, whose services as a beta have made this fic infinitely better!

Summary: Sherlock's latest experiment requires John's help. Will he be willing to provide it if it means putting his flatmate's life in danger? (dun Dun DUN! Honestly, I hate writing summaries. Just ignore me now!)

Read me! )
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In the end, I had twelve respondents to my survey on fanworks exchanges. (If you haven't taken it and feel you'd like to, please do go ahead: I won't close it.)

I really, REALLY had to fight the urge to pimp it out to other comms and beg for more responses; as I said, I am a social science geek who loves surveys, statistics, and data. However, coming up with a "representative sample" of fandom on my journal is just impossible. And no matter what I like to pretend, I am NOT a legitimate researcher!

So, anyway: 12. Thank you to that twelve! (And to the thirteenth person who expressed her opinions in the comments.) The results of the survey are naturally skewed, as all of the respondents came from my flist, and let's face it: you guys are most definitely a better class of fan than the average rabble! However small and skewed my sample was, I did draw a few conclusions.

Take a gander, if you're interested. )

CONCLUSIONS: To me, the most telling piece of data is the revelation that NO ONE from this survey cited receiving a gift tailor-made to their interests as their most enjoyed aspect of the exchange. While a few people admitted they expected their author to adhere pretty closely to the scenarios they provided, most people were just happy to receive a gift that showed a little effort on the author's part. This is good news for those of us who stress ourselves out trying to come up with a story to please our recipient! The fun comes from taking part and having a batch of new stories to read, not in receiving THE PERFECT STORY. Everyone gets stressed out participating in an exchange, and so giftees are likely to be understanding so long as an author tries their best.

From what I can tell, the important rules to follow for fic exchanges are these:

  • It's important to be specific in what you will or won't write in order to avoid an awkward matching.
  • When making a request, be specific about what you don't want, and give several options/scenarios for what you DO want.
  • Read your recipient's request thoroughly, and make an effort to include at least the characters they like and to avoid at all costs the things they don't like.
  • Effort is the key point, so even if you can't come up with an idea that perfectly matches everything on your giftee's request, start writing your story with enough time to polish and perfect before turning it in. A well-written story that misses some of the marks is better than a hastily cobbled-together one that matches the request exactly.
  • When you get your gift, be sure to say "thank you" and provide a list of aspects you enjoyed. If you're so inclined, it's OK to exaggerate a little; if you prefer to be completely honest, get creative in your praise! (More enthusiasm is better.)
  • If you want to complain about the gift you received, be careful where you do it: remember, you're talking to fellow fans who know how stressful writing for someone else can be! Unless your story was clearly a rush job that included details you specifically asked your author to avoid, people aren't likely to be sympathetic to your whining!
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Title: Taking Care of River
Characters and/or Pairings: Amy Pond, River Song, Eleven; Amy/River
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Nope!
Summary: River is a difficult patient, but Amy finds a way to solicit her cooperation.
Word Count: ~3,200

Author's Notes: This story was written as a gift for the [ profile] dwsanta fic exchange, for a user who dropped out shortly before the deadline for submissions; it was then re-gifted to the supremely love [ profile] alt_universe_me. I was SO THRILLED when [ profile] jessicaqueen announced who it was being re-gifted to! I hope you liked it, doll!

Also: this was my first attempt at femslash. It's a little fluffy, a little smutty--anyway, I hope I struck the rigth tone!

On to the fic! )


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