Sep. 29th, 2012


Sep. 29th, 2012 03:10 pm
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Was gonna post this on Twitter, but it's a bit long.

Just had a guy ring the doorbell, and when I answered, he was campaigning for a candidate running for County Clerk. As he started his spiel, I just pointed silently at the "No Solicitors" sign we have on our door. (A bit rude, sure, but that's why we have the sign: none of us are very good at finding polite, tactful ways to tell strangers to get the hell off our porch and leave us alone. He was warned.)

In response to my pointing, he said, "Generally, that doesn't apply to..." and then trailed off, either because he knows his argument is bullshit, or he's realized it's futile. "Do you want the information?" he asked, holding out a flyer.

I said "no", and he left.

My question: who does a "No Solicitors" sign apply to? Does it apply only to people who are selling something, or would it include anybody who knocks on your door and tries to "sell" you something? (Like a political candidate, or a religion. Come to think of it, I had a similar encounter with some Mormons who also thought the sign didn't apply to them. Now I'm coming off as a bit of a jerk. I should just sign off now...)
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