Sep. 12th, 2012

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I don't know how I manage it, but I tend to steer well clear of the major wank surrounding the Doctor Who fandom without even really trying. Sure, I come across people who didn't like a particular episode, character, or plot point, but largely, it's just your general "talking about a show I like" kind of critical analysis.

What I do come across, though, is the aftermath: basically the sane, rational Who fans of my flist and the comms I frequent alluding to major unrest in the camps. Most recently: some fans being so enraged with recent episodes, they felt justified in sending threats and copious vitriol in the direction of Stephen Moffat's Twitter account, and to any friend who had the audicity to defend him. (Including, I have heard, to Caitlyn Blackwood, the 12 year-old child actress who plays the young Amy Pond? Please tell me this isn't true. I do not want to believe that cretins who find it appropriate to harrass a child have come within a million miles of my beloved fandom!)

The thing is, I'm not really sure what everybody's enraged about, or what the nature of the abusive comments that allegedly caused Moffat to leave Twitter were about. I'm curious, so if anyone with a strong stomach could link me to some of the discussion dealing with the whole debacle, or point in the right direction, I'd be appreciative.

(Please note: no, it's not that I didn't see anything wrong with the show's attempts to portray 'strong' women, queer characters, people of color, motherhood, or committed relationships. I did. It's also not that I don't find these issues worth discussing or think they shouldn't be called out when they occur. I do! In fact, I get very angry when fans are quick to shout, "If you don't like the show why do you keep watching it??" when other fans try to point out these issues, because you can both like a show and recognize its problems, and being a fan of Doctor Who doesn't mean I have to abdicate my critical faculties and just accept whatever sexist/racist/homophobic/whatever tripe that it shoves in my face.

What it comes down to is this (and these are my personal feelings, and not my prescription for how others should behave or feel): while I don't like everything about this show, I love a lot of it. Nothing that's portrayed on the show is any worse than the crap I have to put up with in my daily life. I'm going to stop here before I say something along the lines of "it doesn't bother me, so it shouldn't bother you", but I will note that while it does bother me, it doesn't often get in the way of my enjoyment.

This is the bit that I am directing at everyone else: threats and harrassment are not OK. The end.)

ETA: When looking for an explanation for the major unrest in the Doctor Who fandom, I thought, "Wait, I know a place I used to frequent that often discusses the more unsavory side of the fandom: [ profile] who_anon! It was there, I came across this thread, which seems to contradict a lot of the accounts I've read about the whole affair. (I shouldn't be surprised to learn that there are two sides to every story.)

It seems fans are/still were being unpleasant, but in ways that are generally more socially acceptable. (Or at least, if not socially acceptable, then certainly less criminal.) The harrassment may not be on the level some have reported, and there is no mention of threats.

As always, anything heard through the fandom grapevine should be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is one account from Tumblr that claims the person who harrassed Caitlin Blackwood was a single individual, of her own age, who apparently took a stage class with her. I don't know how accurate that information is.
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