Sep. 1st, 2012

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Doctor Who - River Surprised!)
This episode brought to you by Happiness and Confusion. Allow me to sort out which is which:

Happiness: It's back! It's back! Yaaaay!!!

Confusion: I probably shouldn't have gotten drunk watching Downton Abbey before sitting down to this ep. I have a feeling I missed a lot of Obvious.

Happiness: It's Amy! And she's super-hot as ever!!!

Confusion: Ok, wait, so she's like a model now??? I thought she was a perfum entrepreneur or whatever. I don't...

What do you mean you don't have a husband?!?! /rude

Happiness: It's RORY!!!

Confusion: Wait, you're just gonna hand her the divorce papers? Just like that? You waited 2,000 years for her and you're going to give her up just like that?!

Amy, are you going to stand for this???


Other points: (In no particular order)
  • Wait, why did the Daleks want to blow up the Asylum? Because of Carmen? What?
  • For that matter, why do they think the Doctor is going to do it when it means his imminent death? (This is the point where I start regretting all the gin I drank before watching this.)
  • IT'S JENNA! YAY, JENNA JENNA JENNA! Holy COW, do I love her a lot already! Setting my phasers to "girl-crush", immediately. I am so glad I managed to avoid any spoilers giving away her presence in this episode.
  • I was super disappointed when the black guy turned out to be dead/a Dalek. Who knew Doctor Who was also subject to the laws of horror movies?
  • Wait, did I miss the part where Amy loses her flashy bracelet?
  • These Daleks don't really seem more 'insane' than the other ones, to be honest...
  • Love that when Amy comes to, the first person she thinks about is Rory. (I am SO NOT a shipper for anyone other than these two. I am more invested in the fictional relationship of these two characters that I have ever been in any of my own real life relationships, and I am...not even exaggerating about that. :P)
  • OSWYN! I like that name. Let her be Osywyn!
  • Amy hallucinating the Daleks as people. I...wait, what? /don'tdrinkandWho
  • I am alternately pissed off that having children has been painted as the be-all/end-all of a relationship, and disappointed that we won't be seeing any Pondlings. I WANT TO HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO, OK??? /feminism,howdoesitwork?
  • OF COURSE Amy is the one that kicked Rory out, DUH!
  • So sweet, the scene where Rory says (as we've all been thinking) that their relationship has always been about him loving her more than she loves him, and her slapping him and pointing out that waiting for 2,000 years is nothing compared to having to give him up. ♥

    (Although: not so happy about all the slapping. Can we have Amy stop hitting Rory, please? First all of the "Ha ha, Amy beats up Rory!" jokes from A God Complex, and now the slapping. ENOUGH!)
  • So it turns out Amy and Rory's impending divorce was due to a romance novel-type "misunderstanding", where if they'd just sat down and had a simple conversation, none of this would have happened. Awesome.
  • (I was not opposed to the "kiss and make up" bit, however.)
  • WAIT, HAVE I MENTIONED THAT JENNA'S CHARACTER IS DEFINITELY PROBABLY QUEER, YET? NO??? Well it's very exciting. Others have interpreted the "just a phase" line to mean her fancying boys, and I am totally on board with that. /queeruntilprovenotherwise
  • Oswyn's a Dalek? :(
  • And now the Daleks can't remember the Doctor? That's some crazy shit. Who are the Daleks without their hatred for the Doctor?
  • Amy: "I can see you!" /hee!

Ok: so that's what I noticed, minus everything I forgot in my tipsy, absent-minded state.

What did I forget? What did I miss? WHO'S READY FOR DINOSAURS? \0/
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