Aug. 22nd, 2012

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Happy Birthday)
Just read your post announcing your 30th birthday--you are so beautifully eloquent. ...and smart, caring, sexy, and fun. To think, were it not for the internet and a silly little thing called fandom, I'd never have met you. I'm grateful to know you, and just wanted to say: much love, my friend, and I wish you the best!

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Doctor Who...the hell cares?)
I was reading a post today about the recent official announcement of the airdate for Doctor Who's 7th series premiere. (September 1st!) On it, I came across a discussion of the lengths to which a fan went to stay unspoiled, and it included details and sources I never would have considered spoilers. And it made me wonder: does fandom at large generally agree on what constitutes a "spoiler"?

I'm very aware that the conventions concerning the treatment of "spoilers" can vary widely across fandoms and different forms of media. So I'll ask participants to think generally and to answer based on what you yourself think, rather than the general consensus of any particular fandoms in which you participate.

I'm also aware that certain details might be considered more or less spoilery based on context. For example: casting news that an actor who plays a recurring character is returning vs. general casting news for new, unknown characters or news that filming will return to a previously-used location (indicating that a storyline that took place there might be revisited) vs. general news about filming locations. In those cases, please assume that the provided details are only general information, and don't carry any added implications about plot.

Finally (and then I'll shut up and let you answer the damn poll): I'm first going to ask what you yourself consider to be a "spoiler", and then I am going to ask what particular details you generally avoid before experiencing a new show/movie/book/manga/whatever, whether or not you consider that information to be a spoiler. (i.e. You might not consider the titles of upcoming episodes of a TV show to be spoilers, per se, but you might avoid that information beforehand because you don't want to know anything about the shows before they air.) Then I'm going to ask again what information you consider to be "spoilers", only this time I am going to force you to make a choice, rather than giving you a lot of ticky boxes to check.

I will try to make these questions broad enough to apply to various forms of media around which fandoms form, but they'll definitely be heavily-biased toward television. If an item appears only to apply to a form of media which you yourself don't consume, then please think about whether or not you would consider that item to be a spoiler if you did enjoy that media type.

For the purposes of this poll, please only consider spoilers for media that has not yet been widely released for consumption by the public.

[Poll #1861769]

You know the drill: any and all discussion welcome in the comments. What lengths do you go to to avoid spoilers? What lengths do you go to to find spoilers? Any stories about the worst time you were spoiled? Which fandoms are notorious for spoiling people, and which have the extra-strict spoiler policies?

Also, feel free to pass the link to this poll on to any friends in fandom: the more data, the better. ;)
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