Aug. 20th, 2012

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Doctor Who - River Surprised!)
So, since discovering that I could potentially fly to Los Angeles without selling a kidney (or any other major organ), I cannot shake the idea of heading out to attend Gallifrey One next February. (Arthur "MOTHERFUCKING" Darvill is going to be there. And the voice of the Daleks. And Madame Vastra and Jenny. And and...)

So: is this a terrible idea? And what/who should I dress up as?

BOP Recs

Aug. 20th, 2012 10:50 pm
apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Doctor Who - He's Mister Cool)
So, everybody remember how I started a comm called [ profile] who_bop to feature Who works with bisexual/pansexual characters?

Yep, that's still going on.

I've compiled a list of works that fit our guidelines! Please share with anyone who might be interested. ALSO, please share with me any works you know of that fit the bill! There has to be more out there, right?

Moonlines and apple-pathways

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