Aug. 18th, 2012

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I have an interview for a public library position next week! The job would be driving their bookmobile and it pays several dollars more an hour than make at either job now. \0/

Everyone cross their fingers and toes really tight for me next Thursday. If this job provides a sufficient amount of hours, I will be able to quit both of my other jobs. (The ones I have to physically travel to, that is.)

I would be sad to leave my tutoring job--I love those kids a lot, and the opportunity to work closely with them and be their friend and help them find the confidence they need to succeed at school means a whole lot to me. I love to see the shy kids blossom, and the restless kids settle down. These kids share their triumphs and their worries with me. When they tell me about not getting along with their parents, or having a fight with a friend, or when they say they think their teachers at school hate them: well, I feel really privileged that they let me in.

So yes, I'll be devastated to leave, but the truth is that my bosses can't afford to pay me any more than they do now, and there's just no room for growth there. So it's time I moved on.

In other news, I spent the day canning salsa verde and processsing some of my pumpkins for freezing. Also on the agenda: homemade pumpkin pie! OMG, I AM SO EXCITED! :D :D :D

So, what's up withchu?
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