May. 16th, 2012

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Good Books)
Preserving, for posterity, some of my favorite questions that came out of the 7 Questions Meme. (There are more I need to track down, and that will involved trolling through friends' journals.)

If you asked or answered any questions you particularly liked, throw 'em here and I'll add them to the list. I think this will be a useful resource for those days when you want to write a blog entry, but can't think of a topic.


Meanwhile, have an answer to one of these? Like to share? Do it here in the comments, or on your journal. I always like to solicit questions from people in these memes, because I think you learn so much about other people from the questions they ask you. Likewise, I think you learn a lot more about people letting them choose the questions they want to answer.
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