May. 15th, 2012

More ?s

May. 15th, 2012 09:27 pm
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via [ profile] planejane:
1. Dream dinner date: where, when, who?answer )
2. You get a starring role in a movie. What movie, what role?answer )
3. Ice-cream or sorbet?answer )
4. Your epitaph.answer )
5. The thing you've most wanted to say to a customer but haven't (not least because you would lose your job).answer )
6. You get to go around the world in 80 days. Do you do it the Jules Verne way, or use all mod cons?answer )
7. Your most coveted electrical item.answer )

via [ profile] lewisian_gneiss:
1. What do you like to read most? Why? How are the books organised on your shelf?answer )
2. Why did you decide to get your recent piercing?answer )
3. If you could achieve one thing in the next ten years, what would it be?answer )
4. Where do you most want to visit? Why? Would you go once or want to go back repeatedly?answer )
5. How are your strawberries coming on?answer )
6. Talk about cake!answer )
7. Happily ever after. Yes or no? answer )

via [ profile] roh_wyn:
1. What is the most interesting color you've ever dyed your hair (or wanted to)?answer )
2. IIRC, you used to live in Ann Arbor. What do you miss most about it?answer )
3. What is the one thing on a first date that would definitely prohibit a second date with that same person?answer )
4. What's the most brilliant/beautiful/memorable line of prose you've ever read?answer )
5. Your writing playlist. Preferably all of it, but a list of top 10 tracks is fine too.answer )
6. Your favorite math joke (because, yes, there is such a thing, lol).answer )
7. A fandom you want to get into, but just can't and why.answer )

My first post dedicated to this meme is here. If I haven't given you questions yet, go ahead and request 'em.
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