Apr. 14th, 2012

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I got my hair cut today. While I was sitting in the chair, the stylist asked me if I wanted a magazine to look at. I declined; I hate "women's magazines", and while there can be nice pictures in fashion mags, my phone will keep me better entertained. So I played Scramble With Friends and read the New York Times website.

So then I started thinking about smart and pretty (and pretty smart) women, and for some reason, this translated into an idea for a photo shoot.

Idea #3: So, the pics would be of a line of women at the beauty parlor, all sitting in the chairs. Picture curlers, clips, big black vinyl capes, dryers; sassy stylists with outlandish hair. Bright colors everywhere. Each of the women in the chairs is reading a fashion magazine, except for one woman, who is reading (a newspaper, A Brief History of Time, Plato's Republic, Euclid, Joyce's Ulysses, etc.)

BONUS CONTENT: Love this parody of a women's magazine cover... )

97 to go...
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(Yes, it's the beginning of that season where my journal is more pics of gardens than it is words!)

(click to view larger version) (or view the whole set on my photostream)

Flowers pictured:
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Still time to prompt before we unleash the undead:

Prompting is going swimmingly over at [livejournal.com profile] zombi_fic_ation! So many awesome prompts I want to see filled. (I'll do a rundown of ones I'm gunning for later in the week.) If you haven't contributed yet, you have another week to get your prompt in.

And now, inspired by a discussion at [livejournal.com profile] fail_fandomanon, and one I've seen crop up many times in many places: Prompts and Prompting Etiquette.


As per usual, discuss in the comments!
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