Apr. 12th, 2012

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Here's an old idea that I have updated with a new techie version!

So, you know flash cards? Who didn't make a sh*tload of those in college? (Well, I didn't, but I'm lazy!) For Latin vocab, biology terms, constitutional amendments: whatever. And what do you end up with? STACKS AND STACKS of scribbled on notecards you'll never use again.

You know what we need? Re-usable flashcards.

Low tech version:
They would be made of thin plastic, and you'd write on them with those erasable markers you use for write and wipe boards. Ideally, it'd be some special sort of marker that only came off with a cleaning solution or special cloth. Memorize this week's vocabulary terms, wipe 'em off, and start on next week's lesson.

High tech version:
Clearly, this needs to be an app. Something where you can upload/input the terms you're trying to learn and their definition/explanation/whatever and the program makes them into virtual flashcards. The program shows you a random term, and after you've answered, you click to see the correct answer. Get it right? Click "Got it!" and the term goes onto your list of learned terms. Get it wrong? Click "Not yet" and it goes back into the "pile".

The fun part? (For me and other nerds?) The program could compile all sorts of stats and percentages for you to geek out over. :P

ETA: Ok, so naturally flashcard apps already exist. WHATEVER, APPLE: I had this idea back in 2003! :P

98 to go...
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