Mar. 27th, 2012

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Mixtape Monday WILL HAPPEN, but due to my running out of Monday, will now happen sometime on Tuesday.

Requests for a particular theme are more than welcomed.

In other news: I think I've had enough social interaction in the last few days to last me for the next couple months or so. I am looking forward to some serious hermit-ing in the next couple weeks... :P
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So Monday got away from me, guys: I'm sorry! And now I am stricken with a miserable case of spring allergies and/or The Dreaded Lurgy. (Too soon to tell which!)

I have tomorrow morning off, and OH MY GOD DO I NEED IT! So this Monday's Tuesday's theme is: Music to Chill Out To

Songs to relax to... )

Want to play along? You can do so here in the comments, or make a post on your own journal. (Leave me a link so I can find it!)

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)
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I'm warning everyone now: if Katniss/Haymitch becomes a thing, there will be much sulking and gnashing of the teeth going on in the vicinity of this journal!
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