Mar. 24th, 2012

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Two customers who deserve some sort of special prize for specialness:

My manager asked me, "Did you hear about the woman who left her wallet in someone else's car?"

"Someone else's cart?" I asked, reasonably.

"No, someone else's car--as in automobile."

So she's talking on her phone, she unloads her groceries into the car, climbs into the driver's seat, throws her wallet on the passenger seat, and then she realizes: this is not my car. (?!?!) So she unloads all her groceries, packs them into the correct car and drives off, but oh noes! She left her wallet on the passenger seat of the stranger's car.

"What did she want us to do about it?" I asked, again quite reasonably.

"Find it."

Ok, I know we bill ourselves as a full service grocery store, but: HOLY FUCKING MOTHER OF GOD.

The next award goes to a woman tonight who lost her credit card, presumably in or around our store. She called and asked my manager if anyone had turned in a credit card: no, no one had. So he walked around and asked all of us if we'd found a credit card. {When he asked me, I replied (again, I think, quite reasonably): "I think that's something I would have mentioned before."} When that didn't turn up her card, she then asked him to go outside and search the parking lot.

PEOPLE. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONES AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SHIT! I will tell you the same thing I tell the 10 year-olds who lose things during their tutoring session: "You and no one else are responsible for keeping track of your belongings." (And parents: stop giving $500 electronics to children who routinely forget to zip up their own pants.)

Really, that woman is almost as special as the lady who "lost" her cell phone someplace between my register and her car, and kept coming back to me to oh so subtly suggest that I had stolen it, until she found it somewhere. Nothing like being accused of thievery by absent-minded yuppies!
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