Mar. 17th, 2012

apple_pathways: Whatever floats your boat! (Crocus)
FINALLY I have a day off that coincides with the unusually early spring weather Michigan has been having. I spent a couple hours outside cleaning up the herb garden--trimming back the lavender, thyme, and the Greek oregano that seems to be harboring plans to take over the world. I also discovered that my strawberry pot, which I took very little pains to preserve last fall, made it through the winter, and both the strawberry plants and the orange mint I planted in it made it through the winter!

This was cause for celebration. Several glasses of Sauvignon Blanc in my belly and armed with a digital camera, I documented the happy-making arrival of spring in all its glory. :D (Warning: I was a bit tipsy, so the focus on some of the pics is...not great. Yep. Drunk and in the garden with a camera: the perfect way to spend a Saturday off!)

More evidence of an early spring... )

Happy Spring, and Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! ♥
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