Mar. 12th, 2012

apple_pathways: (Record Shopping)
(Told you I was gonna make a graphic:)

Welcome back to Mixtape Monday! Today's theme: Songs That Remind You When.

Ideally, songs that remind you of your teen years: that time when you were first discovering music for yourself, and believing that the songs were written just for you. (They were. Trust me, they were!)

Of course: for some of you, that was just yesterday. ;) Feel free to pick any songs that remind you of a particular time in your life.

As for me, here's a trip through my musical awakening, starting with: Come back with me, to 1991... )

Annnd that was a little stroll through my very 90s coming-of-age. As always, if you'd like to play along, do so here in the comments or on your own journal or blog. (Do come back here and leave a link, so I can troll through your music choices!)

(And a plug: don't forget to visit the Original Writing Kink Meme! Many great fills there, and many more excellent prompts waiting to be written.)
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