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I figure it's worth noting, since so many of my days tend to go by in a blur. But today, I had the morning off, and the weather was gorgeous.

First, I had an eye exam, at America's Best. (This is where poor people without health insurance go to get glasses/contacts. For $99 you get three years of eye exams and a discount on contact lenses.) The first part of the exam is always done by a technician, who is (for some reason) always super bitchy. (Come to think of it: I can't remember if it's the same tech every time. Maybe that's the trouble. Maybe I did something to offend her on a deep and personal level at some point in the past, and now she's just irritated that every time I come in I never remember her.)

Anyway, a sticking point for her is always this optional "field of vision" test that's supposed to look inside your eyes and read your horoscope, or something like that. I admit I'm never paying attention when they explain it. The part that always gets me is that it's an extra $15.00. If it's so damn important, why don't they just make it part of the exam? So, she asked if I was going to decline "again" and "ignore Dr. So-and-So's recommendation", and I said yes, and she made me sign something. I don't know if she gets a commission on this test or what, but she's always incredibly irritated when I say "no". ANYWHO, her part of the tests involve me staring into various boxes with my chin propped on a paper-covered medieval head stocks while she presses buttons and tells me to sit still. (I'm a fidgeter. And I jump about 15 feet in the air during that "puff of air" test, even though I know it's coming.)

The part where they actually determine my prescription (and look into my eyes, which also makes me wonder I need this special $15.00 test) is done by an actual eye doctor, who is super nice, and never makes me feel like an idiot when I invariably fail the "better like this, or better like this?" test. (It doesn't help that the S's on the chart look like 5's. Or at least they do to me: mainly because my 5's look like S's.) Also: SHE NEVER ASKS about that stupid field of vision test, so I don't know why the tech person is trying to pretend like the doctor hates me because I always say no.

Then I went shoe shopping in PayLess, but they didn't have any shoes that weren't humongous clods of rubber that look like they were designed to repel bullets and oil spills. Then I bought a new wallet at Target (I LOVE TARGET! ♥) and then I had lunch at Noodles & Co. where I dropped a chair on some guy who was eating at the table next to me (OOPS) and when I apologized he said, "You scared the shit out of me!" And because I am an awkward lunatic I replied, completely deadpan: "That was my intention."

I took the cat outside to play in the gorgeous sunshine, and she was so super excited to be outside, she could barely contain herself. (Although the leaves kept trying to chase her, and that was definitely not. cool.)

Then I went to my tutoring job, and because they had me come in half an hour late today and a bunch of kids were already there, I got to hear them say "Amy's here!!!" in these really excited voices, and that's pretty much the best thing ever. (I don't get that from the customers at the market. Ungrateful bastards.)

And that was my day!

OH: and I've signed up for NaNoWriMo. Hold me? D:
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