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This is the "Who I Am" meme, snagged from [ profile] isisanubis, whom I have yet to properly say hello to. (HELLO!)

You save and post pics from the andthatswhoiam Tumblr that describe you. I skipped all the fandom-specific ones (well, mostly) and the TMI deep shit confessions (again...mostly!) The Tumblr is very focused on the feels of teenagerhood, and thus is likely to trigger a lot of self-conscious nostalgia. There were lots of "that's who I am" pics I wanted to find (I love science, I am confident, I am queer, I make stuff, I'm always on time, I do my best to avoid saying negative things about myself, I want other people to love me but not as much as I want them to respect me, etc.) and maybe I'll get around to making those some day.

In the meantime:

(I used a website called to make all the collages. I mean: if you couldn't tell from all their watermarks. :P It was much easier than posting all the pics individually as part of an HTML table.)

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