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*sings* It's the most wonderful time of the year...

And it is! I love Yuletide: it's like the fandom Super Bowl. There is endless fun to be had, and I hope writing for me is part of yours. Which is to say, if you find yourself stressing out about writing your assignment: DON'T! Seriously. My greatest wish is to receive a gift and say, "this author had a good time writing this." So go with whatever idea grabs hold of you and speaks to you the strongest. I am in it for the ride!

Note: a couple times I reference my letter from last year. It's here, if you're curious.)

GENERAL THINGS I ENJOY: Witty banter. Clever plotting. Gritty realism. Ridiculous crack!fic. Sexual tension. Happy endings. Unhappy endings which nevertheless bring a satisfying resolution to the story. Kinky sex. Vanilla sex. Domesticity. All the marriage tropes (marriage of convenience, accidentally married, happily married, unhappily married and longing for someone else). Bad girls turned good. Good girls turned bad. Seduction. Humor. Daring rescues. Introspection. Dystopian AUs. Dark!fic. Character work. Femslash. Het. Gen! Women characters. Cameos by characters from other canons I enjoy. (Stalk my icons to discover which those are.) Plot twists.

THINGS OF WHICH I AM NOT SUCH A FAN: Pure fluff. (I need a little plotty padding around my fluff!) Hurt/comfort. Angst. Purple prose. M/M slash. (Totally fine to include it in the story. In fact: queering up any and all characters more than welcome! But M/M romance shouldn't be the focus of the story.) Hmmm...those are the main ones!

I would be happy with any rating, from General to Explicit. In case you're thinking 'Explicit', here are:
KINKS I ENJOY, JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: Submission. Cross-dressing. Toys. Sex in public. Over-stimulation. First times. Cuddling. Forced proximity (i.e. 'trapped in a closet'). Oral. Tribbing. Frottage. Jealousy. Dirty talk. Sweet nothings. Ridiculous dubcon tropes (aliens made them do it, sex pollen, have sex or die). & others.


Bomb Girls:
BETTY. Love Betty! All the fic about Betty would be lovely! (Don't panic if she's not your fave. I do love other aspects of the show, too. ;)

I am a femslash fan, and just dying for some Kate/Betty fic. The way they ended this ship in the last epsisode was heartbreaking: I would love some fix-it fic. (And pretty much any kind of smut involving any combination of the female characters from this show would not go amiss.)

Not smut-minded? A fic exploring/inventing Betty's backstory would be awesome. Or perhaps a night out with all the factory girls. Kate coming to terms with Betty's feelings, and even though she doesn't share them, she still loves Betty. (Platonically. Even though my heart's greatest desire is for the two of them to end up together as a romantic pairing, I know that's not the only way it could go. But their friendship is real, and I'd love to see it fixed!)

  • Betty rescues Kate back from her controlling father.
  • Betty/Kate: sharing that house Betty dreamed about.
  • Wild factory girls' night out.
  • Betty's backstory: where did she come from? When did she realize she was gay? Etc.

The Last Unicorn (1982 movie):
(copied from last year's letter:)
This movie haunted my childhood, and to this day, the story resonates with me. There is no end to the fic I want to see written for this movie, so if there's a story you've always been wanting to write, by all means: do it!

Other things I'd like: Amalthea/Lir: smutty, angsty, sweet, tragic--all or none of the above. Perhaps the night before she faces the bull? Somehow, she knows what's coming, and it's time to say goodbye. I also love Schmendrick and Molly, and would enjoy an exploration of their past. Though I wasn't able to nominate any other characters, King Haggard, Mommy Fortuna, or anyone else from the movie would be a welcome addition.

Mansfield Park (Jane Austen):
(copied from last year's letter):
My belief: Fanny should have married Henry, and Edmund should have ended up with Mary. They were each a bit too boring and holier-than-thou on their own, and I can only imagine how insufferable they must be as a couple. Any fic that explores either (or both) of these non-canon couples would be awesome! From smut featuring Henry bringing out the bad girl in Fanny (or Mary showing Edmund his dark side), to a sweet comic romance that highlights the challenges such opposites-attract couples might face. (Added prompts: Henry invites Fanny on a picnic, and against her better judgment, she attends. Edmund can't help but think there's just something about Mary: she shows him what it is.)

Conversely, if you disagree, and Fanny/Edmund is your OTP: convince me! Show me how they bring out the good in each other (or perhaps vent their bad sides together). A missing scene from the book, or a snapshot of their future. My mind is open!

(And some added details):
Femslash involving Fanny and Mary would be excellent, and I can't believe I didn't request it last year. Maybe Mary tries to convince Fanny to accept Henry, but has a change of heart. Or Fanny goes to Mary for advice about her wedding night, and Mary happily obliges.

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms:
(From last year:)
I'm a huge fairy tale buff. What inspires me most? The dark side of fairy tales. I'm not a Disney afficianado: it's the classic tales I'm after. The ones that are full of blood and horror.

(And added details:)
Some of my favorite fairy tales are The Robber Bridegroom, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, The Princess & The Pea, Sleeping Beauty, and Bluebeard. Would love any take on these tales!

I am most interested in the female characters, and I love re-workings that portray the women as agents of their own story. They don't have to be sword-wielding ass-kickers (though I like those, too): just real people who make choices and suffer consequences, and maybe use their brain to help themselves out of a jam.

Wolves, witches, demons, sorceresses, evil kings and queens, and terrible tyrants more than welcome. Unhappy endings are more than fine: it's the journey I'm after. (I love happy endings, too: if you're not into dark and twisted, I can also be sold on Happily-Ever-After!)
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