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Dearest author: you have offered, out of the pure goodness of you heart, to write a lovely, femslashy fic for a complete stranger. And you have offered to write in one of my chosen fandoms! Clearly, you are a person of quality and impeccable taste. I'm excited already!

Within, find details of what I like in general, and some ideas of what I'd like to see for specific pairings.


GENERAL THINGS I ENJOY: Witty banter. Clever plotting. Gritty realism. Ridiculous crack!fic. Sexual tension. Happy endings. Unhappy endings which nevertheless bring a satisfying resolution to the story. Kinky sex. Vanilla sex. Domesticity. All the marriage tropes (marriage of convenience, accidentally married, happily married, unhappily married and longing for someone else). Bad girls turned good. Good girls turned bad. Seduction. Humor. Daring rescues. Introspection. Dystopian AUs. And...others. :)

THINGS OF WHICH I AM NOT SUCH A FAN: Pure fluff. (I need a little plotty padding around my fluff!) Hurt/comfort. Angst. Purple prose. Hmmm...those are the main ones!

I would be happy with any rating, from General to Explicit. In case you're thinking 'Explicit', here are:
KINKS I ENJOY, JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: Submission. Cross-dressing. Toys. Sex in public. Over-stimulation. First times. Cuddling. Forced proximity (i.e. 'trapped in a closet'). Oral. Tribbing. Frottage. Jealousy. Dirty talk. Sweet nothings. & others. ;)

Now, a few ideas about the fandoms and pairings I requested. Do note: I only provide details as jumping-off points, and to give you something to go on. Choose a prompt if one strikes your fancy, or come up with something on your own. If you have an idea you'd like to run with, and it seems like it might fit with my stated likes: well, do it! I love fic of many, many kinds, and the more excited you are to write it, the more excited I am to read it. :)

Doctor Who - Amy Pond/Oswin Oswald; Oswin Oswald/"Nina"
I have a huge crush on Amy Pond. And after Asylum of the Daleks, I now have a huge crush on Oswin Oswald! Anything involving these ladies would be fantastic.

I love how flirty, fun, and take-charge they both are. I would love to watch these two out-flirt each other. If they got together, who would take the lead? Would they share it? (I know it's revealed that Oswin is a dalek at the end of AOTD. Pretending that that just didn't happen is more than fine with me!)

  • Amy finds out about Oswin flirting with Rory, and is extremely jealous. Why wasn't Oswin flirting with her?
  • The story of Oswin and Nina.
  • All that time as a kissogram, and Amy's never kissed another woman. She's very curious.

Downton Abbey - Sybil/Any; Edith/Any
This show is in major need of some lesbians. My first vote is Sybil. (Something may have to be done with Branson, but these are the sacrifices we make!) Second vote (and more likely) is Edith. Edith is totally deserving of some hot lesbian shenanigans!

My biggest hurdle has been in pairing up the Crawley sisters with another woman from the show. I can't really think of any likely candidates, so feel free to fill in whomever you like. OCs more than welcomed!

  • Comforting Edith after Sir Anthony leaves her at the altar.
  • Sybil is attending a political rally, and comes across a new cause: gay rights. (Maybe falling for a charismatic activist?)
  • A new maid (or an existing one?) teaches one of the Crawley girls (Sybil or Edith) a few of the facts of life.
  • AU: The Crawley family is ruined, and Sybil (or Edith) finds herself alone and having to make her way in the world. (And finds love along the way, naturally.)
  • A marriage of convenience between Edith and another "spinster".

Bomb Girls - Kate/Betty
Uggghhh, Betttyy!!! A canon lesbian! Oh, how I adore her. ♥ I need all the happy, fix-it fic for her: adventures, shenanigans, and warm, comfortable snuggling.

  • Betty rescues Kate back from her controlling father.
  • Betty/Kate: sharing that house Betty dreamed about.
  • Betty tells Kate the story of her first crush.
  • Kate has fallen for Betty, but she's nervous: how does love between two women work?

Doctor Who RPF - Karen Gillan/Jenna Louise Coleman
I don't know if anyone even offered to write Doctor Who RPF, but if you did: DEAR GOD, I love you! ♥

Karen and Jenna are just so cute. The idea of them sharing a kiss...makes me giddy.

  • Karen invites Jenna down to Cardiff to show her what the city has to offer. Wild girls' night ensues!
  • Running into each other at a big sci-fi convention.
  • Filming Asylum of the Daleks, Karen is intrigued with Oswin's backstory about "Nina". Turns out, Karen, Jenna, and Oswin all have something in common...
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