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I cried like a baby, just like I knew I would.

I'm still totally in denial that they're really gone; it's hard to believe I'll never see another episode with the Ponds. (Maybe a surprise return? For the anniversary? I mean: they can't be fully, completely gone, can they? I don't think so.)

I thought it was a fitting end. It was sad to see the life they'd built for themselves in the The Power of Three, and know that's all been taken away from them. (Poor Brian!) But hey, they're the Ponds: they'll just build a new kick-ass life for themselves, in whatever time they've been taken to. (Where were they taken to? Anyone else find it a bit suspicious that there were ages on the tombstones, but not dates? Anyone else feeling just a bit...hopeful that it's significant?)

They're happy, and they're together, and that's all I really needed from their departure. (The moment I saw that their final episode would be with the Weeping Angels, I suspected it would end this way: them being taken by the angels, and living out the rest of their days in the past.)

I need to head out the door in a few minutes, so here are some bullet points for the road:

  • So many good lines. So. Many! I can't possibly hope to gather them all. Example:
    Amy: Do you think you'll die and just come back?
    Rory: When don't I?

    (Please contribute all the ones I can't remember right now. I know there were loads more!)
  • MIKE MCSHANE! So good to see him! I have such fond memories of him from Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  • Adorable Pond moments. We have to hoard and treasure them now, like jewels, for alas: THERE WILL BE NO MORE! Waaahhh! *rending of garments* *gnashing of teeth*
  • When they jumped together. OMG. Just...PONDS!
  • River as Melody Malone. ♥

All right, I wanted to do more, but I really gotta go now.

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